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Insane Traffic Siphon Review

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by jjarrett, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. jjarrett

    jjarrett Affiliate affiliate

    I initially posted this at the Warrior Forum. However, after I thought about it, I realized that this would make you some real money on CPA offers. Just remember to use CPA offers that are about making money.

    This is not an affiliate link. The review was for information purposes because the crop of reviews written were crap. I wrote an honest review and gave my recommendation.

    You want to start banking some cash on your offers then do this. Just remember, follow the instructions, and you can use this to make a ton of money with CPA.


    It isn't very often that I will publicly compliment a marketer on his offering because I've been in this business so long, and I've pretty much seen it all, and I have to tell you that some people make me want to smack myself and then smack them.

    I have known about the power of Alexa for a long time, and I teach it to my customers, so I won't get into any long protracted discussion here about it.

    What I will say is this: I'd like to give a standing ovation to James Renouf because your latest product is a definite winner. WELL DONE!

    I've been in this business since 2001. I buy tons of stuff and evaluate tons of stuff because I'm always looking for that gem of a product to share with my readers. I don't just send them anything because I know from personal experiences that if you alienate your long term readers and customers, you can sink your business faster than the Titanic.

    Well, I'm going to give you a straight review on this one. It really pissed me off this morning when I went looking for honest reviews and there just wasn't any real information available, and the ones that were out there pretty much proved that the people who were promoting it didn't even own the product.

    Here's the breakdown:

    1. Basic product:

    15 page PDF
    Inside that PDF are 11 links to videos. He gives a really good overview of how the entire process works, and then you get the videos. Cost: $9.95

    I can't really tell you a whole lot about it except that he shows you two sites that will drive an insane amount of traffic to your website, and it will cost you about $5 to get started. He shows you how to make your website etc., so it will probably take you longer to watch the videos than it will to implement this system.

    2. Upsell 1
    Mastermind Group
    I took this offer because I spend too much time stuck inside my head and need to get around other marketers and share information and connect. I haven't done anything with this yet. If it's half as good as the initial offer, and I believe it is, all I can say is DAMN! That's awesome!

    3. Upsell 2
    Banner Advertising Offer - $37

    I didn't take this one. I get tons of traffic already, and the basic offer will work with what I've got going. I also hate designing banners and am not in the mood to get with the program. I suppose I could find an affiliate offer, but I'm not really in the mood to do that either.

    That's it. It's a straight up offer, the information is solid, James has discovered a hidden goldmine, and we can all be digging for years because it's HUGE!!

    Anyway, if this post is inappropriate, delete it. No harm no foul. It's just rarely these days that I see this attention to detail and something that is so simple, so effective and will actually work, I felt I had to say something about it.

    I'm pretty sure this link is the straight link. The offer itself is available on JV Zoo, and the commission on the front end is 75%. Don't know about anything after that. I bought this off Facebook, and so I may study his Facebook Campaign when I'm done because that's probably a goldmine too.

    (Next product for you James! Just sayin'!)

    Congratulations on a job well done. Truly impressive. I was US Army, I have worked with some real badasses in my day, and so I know it when I see it.

    My best to you in your future endeavors. I'm on your customer list. Treat me well.

    Insane Traffic Siphon - James Renouf
  2. newbidder
  3. shadwell

    shadwell Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the review it certainly sounds an interesting product.
  4. str8one

    str8one Affiliate affiliate

    Hey jjarrett,

    have you also implemented what James Renouf teaches in Insane Traffic Siphon?
    Have you succesfully applied the traffic source named in the course to CPA offers?
    If yes could you give us some tips on how you did it?

  5. jacobc

    jacobc Affiliate affiliate

    What kind of paid traffic source is this? CPV, CPC, Solo Ads?

    Looks interesting.
  6. str8one

    str8one Affiliate affiliate

    This is about traffic from pay-to-click sites. They are sites where the visitors go to get paid to watch ads.
    These are people who don't know a better way to making money online.
    You can leverage this traffic by putting up an ad on these sites and get visitors to whatever you put in front of them insanely fast and also very cheap.

    But you have to consider that while these people are there to make some ridiculous money (only $0,001 (!) per ad they watched), most of them are only interested to just click on the ad and wait until the given time (5 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.) to get this little money credited.
    Most of them probably don't care what's in the ad.
    And this not targeted traffic. The only thing you can target is country but in this case the ads cost a bit more.
    Additionally, these people are watching a decent amount of ads every day in order to earn a couple bucks so I guess they must have ad blindness.

    So I am not sure that you can get good results with this kind of traffic. It may work but you must create a very good angle to get the attention of these folks so that they are willing to also look at the content of your ad and go further.

    That's why I asked jjarrett how she managed to get good results.
  7. jjarrett

    jjarrett Affiliate affiliate

    You start with a simple squeeze page. Then introduce them to a low cost offer.

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