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I'm not sure why zeropark reject my account application.

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by pintuxiu, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. pintuxiu

    pintuxiu Affiliate affiliate

    I'm newbie here, I just registered an account in zeropark, after i top up $200 and send them the answers they asked, i was declined. And no reason.
    Is anyone met this before?
  2. terraleads
  3. tourist

    tourist Affiliate affiliate

    me too .
    but good traffic source have more .you can find they
  4. wilhb81

    wilhb81 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi mate,

    Well, I've met this situation before and to be honest, sometime it just happens so randomly. All you need to do is re-apply again (Maybe after 3 months or so with bigger amount)
  5. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    Never happened to me before. PM me if you want the details of my contact maybe he might be able to help you.
  6. kiwilad

    kiwilad Affiliate affiliate

    Happened to me also about a month ago. I signed up again a few days ago and got rejected again ... however I also received an email saying it was 'temporarily' rejected because the hour I requested to be contacted was outside their work day hours. I live on the other side of the world to them so their work hours are completely opposite to mine. I just needed to reply to a few questions in an email rather than phone call.
  7. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    Well they need the details of what type of offers you want to run and how fast you are going to start your campaign with them.
    Also they will ask how much your monthly spend is.
    Lot of questions were asked to me,atlast I got into the network.
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  8. Doodah

    Doodah Affiliate affiliate

    I answered all their questions and got declined also their reason "need to be more established " if they don't want my money then i'll take my business someplace else. It makes me laugh these ad networks want to make money but decline people because they don't have 100s or 1000s to spend a day or are new to marketing. It's like they want newbies to fail. Most places (not all )that will accept someone with a low budget have crap traffic or the learning curve is to expensive once they get in they go broke before they get a chance to start. I was truthful with them told them i was new and what my budget would be.
    I have tried search ppc,cpc,cpm,and ppv. PPV is the only one I have had any success at so going to focus on PPV only for now yes I am not a big budget player but again they don't want my money they wont get any even when I am a big player. Already found someone that will take my money and has given me conversions on my first campaign. So they are going to get my money.
  9. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    LOL, Your 100s or 100s are like Peanuts to them. Its ur need for which you want to runads with them.
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  10. Mr.LJ

    Mr.LJ Affiliate affiliate

    Can you tell me how do you answer? Thank you very much.
  11. shreedharcva

    shreedharcva Affiliate affiliate

    The Most Nonsense and rubbish question!!
    If you can't even justify and answer honestly, then don't get into this.
    These are basic needs before getting into serious business.
    First establish yourself with honesty and genuine facts, and then do business.
    Affiliate Marketing is not kids job.

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