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I'm a newbie who's been lied to repeatedly!.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by raj14, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. raj14

    raj14 Affiliate affiliate

    my name is raj and I'm 33 from London. I've been trying to make a crazy monthly income around 10,000$ a month but failed all the time and buying course after course and never making more than about $20! I really want to learn the 'guru' secrets to make my target income, so I can live my dreams. I've been dreaming about since getting into this lucrative business. I think it's a shame there are so many gurus making great money selling the how to make Money online dream, which doesn't work for everybody else but them.

    I hope to learn and make a lot! I promise to give as much as I make and know. Thank You in advance!
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  2. terraleads
  3. Franklin Hatchett

    Franklin Hatchett Affiliate affiliate

    You want to know what the secrets are? Sell a shitty course and collect emails when they sign up then spam them with more courses. I dont do this and never will but to be honest with you this is how most slimy internet marketers work. Apart from that there is no seceret, you need to think outside the box and start something that is going to be a long term passive income. It's a slow start but buying courses is the biggest waste of money because you are buying outdated methods that simply dont work or never have.

    Or you could learn CPA and spend some time and money doing it. This is a great money maker but requires research and time to monitor everything.

    Another point with courses is they might claim to make xx,xxx amount of money a month but this is gross earnings. That doesnt include tax and spending. I seen a course the other day where a guy claimed he earnt 100k a month with Facebook and tee spring. Turns out my friend knows the guy and he spends nearly half that on advertising then You have tax on top of that. So the money might sound great but in reality not everyone can make that kind of money because they dont have huge pockets like the "gurus"
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  4. Neo

    Neo Affiliate affiliate

    Why would you buy a course when you have forums like tvbb.biz where you can pay 10$ and get course that cost 1000$ or you can even find it on google for free :)
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  5. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Welcome to the AffiliateFix @raj14 ! We've quite a number of Brits' here at the Fix and I'm sure you'll find one another quickly.

    Okay, well, let me have you know that everyone, and I mean everyone, has been through this. In case you don't know, the industry calls this "Shiny Object Syndrome".

    Consider it an admission fee, or an initiation, for getting into the business and it will be easier to accept. "Look to yourself young grasshopper". You see, we all want the easiest, and fastest way, to become successful in our businesses and when we are met by charming, seemingly successful, and extremely well presented opportunities, we can't help ourselves. We fall prey to the very techniques, strategies, methods, and tactics with which we ourselves are supposed to become experts.

    Here is the lesson, you want to become as good at presenting offers as those from whom you have purchased products. Hopefully, this community will help you learn to do it better.

    There are an abundance of great courses out there and being created by masterful product developers. What happens is lesser accomplished people in the industry try to mimic those products and do so without the experience of the true masters and this results in lesser quality courses that don't have all of the information (and often bad information).

    Here is an absolute truth I want you to consider and to embrace: This business, and your new business, will require work, perseverance, dedication, and acceptance of frequent stumbles, fumbles and set backs as well as your successes. You are creating something, a business, and just like writing a book, you are going to be making changes along the way to improve, regain losses, and learn what not to do again as well as what must be done again. This is business and as long as you take (and put to work) the great advice of your new fellow members and follow a path knowing that your new business is a living, breathing thing that requires grooming and nourishment, then you will do great!

    Perseverance, dedication, and taking action are the cornerstones of the success you will obtain.

    As a Newbie, you need to read, study, invest, and implement.

    Read through the various areas of the forum to learn about the types of marketing available for your new business. Make a list of all the types of marketing and take some notes along the way. Then determine which area of marketing with which you will start your journey.

    Do this to select an area of marketing to start, as well, do this to select a tracker, a traffic source, and to select a vertical.

    Then read up on the affiliate networks and select two to begin with that will serve your needs and the types of offers you would like to promote. Put your application in and they will call you for an interview. Be professional and be prepared to answer some questions about how you will promote offers, do you have a website, are you a Newbie, etc. Please note, if you join the Dojo, we have a thread there that can offer assistance in getting accepted to some of the networks.

    Now that you have selected a basis to begin, read all of the threads in this forum that relate to your initial selections so that you have a rudimentary understanding of their features and benefits.

    You will require some investment. A VPS server, domains, traffic, landing pages, etc. You will need a budget for daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. This will change over time and you will need to update it often so that you know exactly what your costs and earnings are.

    This is where it all starts to earn. You must now begin to implement what you have established as your foundation for your business.

    Here is some advice and guidance that will help you establish your initial goals:

    Make sure you complete the following first.

    Every business needs:

    1. a plan
    2. a schedule for research, learning, and execution
    3. a budget.

    Remember to read through our WIKI and get to know the basics as well as some of the buzz words in the industry.

    I also recommend reading the following thread:

    As a Newbie, What Stops You From Getting Started

    Here is a set of immediate goals:

    1. Get a VPS
    2. Select a vertical
    3. Select a tracker
    4. Select a couple of networks and get your approval
    5. Select a traffic source
    6. Create a schedule for researching, learning (training), and working. This is a business, treat it as such!
    7. Create a budget for every expense (daily, weekly, monthly)
    8. Be very active in this forum by researching, asking questions, helping others when you are able.

    As well, I highly recommend you join the DOJO as it is full of great tools and contributions for successful marketers. Click the banner below to learn more.


    T J
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  6. raj14

    raj14 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, tj, that was great. I now have a good base plan of action to follow, thanks!
  7. andree

    andree Affiliate affiliate

    So lets say after tax, low estimation, he makes about 20k a month in profit, that would be a good start for me =)
  8. Franklin Hatchett

    Franklin Hatchett Affiliate affiliate

    Sure that would be nice but would you have the 50 - 60k for advertising?
  9. andree

    andree Affiliate affiliate


    At this point, nope!
  10. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    To tell the truth a have a couple of people hit me up on warrior asking me to coach them, for free. I willing to do that and started to get their feet wet by teaching them the basic, but what happen is that they thought that IM is a get rich overnight career, as once they heard I couldn't get their first day at least $100 they just delete me or then ignore me, very rude. Because they don't even accept a single lose on their ads, they are not sure what's the purpose of spending money on ads.

    These people who mostly message me were from those thread with title of how to make $100 a day etc.

    Tj has a really honest advise you can't find it anywhere from those fluffy guys.
  11. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Udemy often has some terrific free courses. Sometimes, you can get an expensive one for free with a coupon.

    Of course, check out the courses first, as not all are that informative. I've personal taken one that was fantastic and a few that were just okay.

    Re everything else...read TJTutor's post. He is the Grand Master of planning and implementation for newbies.

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