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I need to be rescued from myself

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by vze26y8h, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. vze26y8h

    vze26y8h Affiliate affiliate

    SOS! SOS! SOS!
    I am looking for a mentor who really cares and knows his stuff, goes straight to the point, with no fluff to help me make actual money online. I do not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend. I also know that no one wants to work for free either, I get that also, but this will not be a charity work either. The person I am looking should be someone who really wants to help. Enough of watching video tutorials.

    I am now looking for legit actionable steps to help me see progress rather than spinning my wheels. I have wasted a lot of time for the last year, gotten myself confused and all the so-called gurus asking for the price of my house to teach me.

    I hope the mentor will not mind a little question here and there.

    Hopefully I am at the right place.

  2. newbidder
  3. DareToDream

    DareToDream Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Mo,

    Have you ever thought of a Master Mind group?

    I think that this may help you. The thing about affiliate marketing is that NO ONE will give you there wining campaigns. They will give you ideas and push you in the right direction, but it still takes testing and action on your side. A master mind will help you with actionable ideas that you can run with.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  4. vze26y8h

    vze26y8h Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for your suggestion. Yes I have thought about that, MOBE and the likes, still contemplating on that.
  5. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Okay, you have 3 posts in this forum and you are asking people you have no relationship with to take you on as a protege. This is very unlikely to happen for you. Typically, mentors take on protege's after a period of evaluation with someone they have had on their radar for awhile. I can tell that you are not ready for mentor-ship just yet. You are asking for a large commitment from a successful individual and yet you have not presented any credentials that may favor that kind of relationship. A mentor-ship is generally awarded to those that have demonstrated a level of competence and experience that exceeds that of an individual with little or no track record.

    If you had a mentor, how the heck could you possibly expect to implement the tactics, methods, and strategies presented you without a budget of some type. Sure, a couple of thousand is the ideal starter budget, but something can be done with a few hundred. No budget at all means you cannot implement the advanced teachings of a mentor.

    I don't see a point to this contradictory statement.

    Everyone in this forum wants to help, if you read a little about the parable "it takes a village", you will be on the road to getting yourself earning much faster by incorporating the people in this forum by engaging them in daily discussions.

    This is crazy, videos are just visual instructions and information sharing, they should never be discounted based on their being a video. You need to determine whether the content has any important, or pertinent, information. I watch several videos a day, often more than that. It helps me to see what others are producing and gives me ideas about doing it better as well as finding those golden nuggets of info I may not have previously discovered.

    I suspect you have been spinning your wheels due to a lack of a plan. This is by far the number one cause of failure and inaction. You absolutely cannot expect to succeed at anything without a plan. As well, you need a budget.

    I can believe that, I've seen this thousands of times with Newbies. Many want winning campaigns handed to them and/or complain there isn't any good information out there to get started.

    You are confused because you have not determined a path to begin your career in this industry. Everyone has to have a path, a student must have a planned curriculum well before classes begin. Have you done this?

    There is no doubt that this forum has everything you require to start earning, but from your post, I can only conclude that you have not spent any time planning, establishing a budget, selecting a vertical, choosing a tracker, or even asking questions of other Newbies as to what they did to find their initial successes. You must research, you must be active in the forums building relationships, and you must schedule this into everyday.

    I agree with @DareToDream , you need to get together with other Newbies, forge relationships, and forming a Master Mind Group or asking to join one will help to move yourself in the direction you require to start earning.

    Don't get mad because you hear things you don't want to hear. Many students find themselves criticizing the teacher up to the point they have to admit the teacher was right!

    Read your own headline to this thread, I agree with it. You need to be rescued from yourself. Get busy building relationships in this forum and taking action. Plan to fail as well as to succeed. We all fail, every day, but we succeed enough to tip the scales in our favor.

    T J
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2015
  6. vze26y8h

    vze26y8h Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Tj,
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  7. Deborah Bamidele

    Deborah Bamidele Affiliate affiliate

    @vze26y8h I can relate with you perfectly. As a newbie myself, I once felt that way, thinking someone can just come and spoon feed me. Honestly, that will not happen. There is no short cut to success. You need to calm down and get ready to learn. You need to understand that it takes time, but that does not mean you are wasting time, you get better at it.
    You will find people who will help you here without requesting for a dime. tjtutor, for instance, will always give detailed explanations to your questions.
    Stick around and make friends.
    Download the guide provided.
    Check out the newbie help desk, you'll be glad you did.
    Don't be afraid to ask questions.
    Good luck!
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