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I Finally Decided To Make My First Post...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by onmyway, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. onmyway

    onmyway Affiliate affiliate

    The past couple of days I have been reading the thread "Diary of a rookie affiliate (the road to $1000 a day)" on this forum and was inspired by cashmoneyaffiliate to try my hand, once again, with affiliate marketing.

    Before 2012, I created a website for a friend and ranked it on page one of Google which brought a significant amount of traffic and new business. My friend was so appreciative that he referred other local businesses to me and so that started a part-time SEO and web creation business. I made a decent income but eventually the businesses felt they didn't need me any longer once their site's reached Google page one and after they were bombarded by scammers promising the same service for a one time fee of $99.00 instead of the monthly fee that I was charging.

    After losing most of my customers, I learned how to rank YouTube videos on Google page one and was able to provide this service to a few local businesses as well, but as we all know, Google came out with a number of updates and ranking web sites and videos "using white hat techniques" became increasingly more difficult and time consuming.

    At this point, I decided to sign up at CJ and was approved by an Advertiser on a Pay Per Lead basis. I drove traffic to the offer using 7Search and grossed over $700 or less than $100 spend. I was stoked and then the Advertiser decided to leave CJ and dropped their offer.

    I was then approved for another Pay Per Lead offer in a totally different vertical, using 7Search traffic and it totally bombed and so I got discouraged and basically stopped.

    I've come to realize, in my opinion, that driving traffic organically is going to be too time consuming and a lot of hard work can be shot straight down the drain when Google decides to change their algorithm again and so after lurking here on this forum for quite some time, I have decided to get back into driving traffic to affiliate offers through paid traffic.

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  2. newbidder
  3. kerbeross

    kerbeross Affiliate affiliate

    Good luck, stay in touch.
  4. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Sometimes it takes a few seasons before a seed will open and grow into the giant tree it was meant to be! It's wonderful that you are now taking action and posting in our community. We look forward to your successes and your progress.

    Many of us understand these struggle you have been through. You are going in the right direction in my opinion. Paid traffic is the best way to make things happen much faster.

    Let us know when you need help, post your progress and failures daily, and this community will respond to help.

    T J
  5. onmyway

    onmyway Affiliate affiliate


    Thanks kerbeross
  6. onmyway

    onmyway Affiliate affiliate


    Fortunately I still have money in my 7Search account and I just received an email from Bing giving me a $50 credit for their Bing Ads. I'm not sure what vertical I will start with or whether to go with mobile.

    I agree with you in that paid traffic will make things happen faster. I feel that Google is kind of forcing IMers to go the paid route even though their algorithm is still being gamed to some extent. At one point I gave the "black hat" churn and burn platform a second thought but decided it wasn't worth the hassle and it bothered my conscience. I think my biggest hurdle at the moment may be getting accepted by some of the top Affiliate networks, even though there are some, like ShareaSale that have Advertisers with auto approval.

    The next few days I will be working on a specific niche, decide on a PPC network, find offers, and start working on a landing page.
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  7. KSixJeremy

    KSixJeremy Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Great story! Glad to have you here at AffiliateFix!
  8. onmyway

    onmyway Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks KSixJeremy

    Wish me luck. I'm going to head over to Walmart tonight and try and get one of the Mario Amiibo Gold's that are supposedly so rare and sell it on Ebay to drum up some PPC money. LOL

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