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Selling Huge Bundle of Online Marketing Guides and Tools (Over 3GB of Content)

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by AlphaWulf, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. AlphaWulf

    AlphaWulf Affiliate affiliate

    So you want to learn more about Online Marketing as a whole or maybe you just need help driving traffic or promoting with social media.

    Many people sell small guides on specific topics for around $15 but if you want to learn everything then those guides will quickly add up to huge costs for you. The point of online marketing is to make money, not spend money so stop overpaying for guides.

    Today I am introducing a bundle of over 120 of the best rated guides that will make you an expert in every single aspect of online marketing. Each guide has about 30 pages of content and also include programs and graphics to use for your marketing campaigns. These are the same high quality guides that sell for $10-$20 from other marketers but the whole bundle of over 3.3Gb of content can be yours for only $50.

    Each guide is professionally written and organized to make sure it is easy to read and follow. All of the content comes pre-organized in the recommended reading order but you can pick and choose which guides you wish to read.

    This is a very small investment for the amount of money that these guides make possible for you. You will earn your investment back quickly and have the tools and knowledge to build a successful marketing career.

    Guide topics covered include:

    • Publishing Tips
    • Software Tools
    • Ways to Monetize Websites
    • SEO Tips
    • Article Marketing Secrets
    • Social Media Tips
    • Blogging Cash Formula
    • Building Better Links
    • Building Lists for Profit
    • Cashing in on Craigslist
    • Cloning WordPress Blogs
    • Copywriters Handbook
    • Converting with Youtube
    • Digital Publishing
    • Email Marketing Blueprint
    • Easy Article Creation
    • Facebook Build Success
    • Making Money with Forums
    • Freelance Mastery course
    • Google Adsense Profits
    • Guest Posting Secrets
    • Kindle Publishing Guide
    • Internet Marketing Kickstart
    • Landing Pages 101
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Niche Finder Blueprint
    • Offline Assassin
    • Online Scam Survival
    • Passive Recurring Income Streams
    • Payment Button Creator
    • PPC Traffic Profits
    • Secrets to Free Hosting
    • Using Yahoo Answers
    • Viral Traffic Secret Blueprint
    • Web Dev Domination
    • WordPress Keyword Tool

    Some of the programs included:

    • Cloaker
    • Forum Manager
    • Picture-Ads Creator
    • Twitter Marketing Bot
    • Youtube Optimization Wizard
    • Ultimate Backlink Builder
    For only $50, you will learn how to master every angle of web marketing and you Will make your money back by following the information provided. This is not a "Get quick rich guide" that has garbage information. This bundle includes quality guides and programs that teach you how to be a marketer. This will be the one and only guide you will need to buy to go from beginner to expert marketer in a matter of weeks.

    Tl;DR: 128 high quality web marketing guides and tools to teach you to be a master marketer that sell for $15 each separately for only $50.

    If you have any questions, you can post them below or PM me anytime and after you order and go over the content, please be sure to leave an honest review below.

    Thank you for reading

  2. terraleads
  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Are these licensed through a PLR?

    Did you make these yourself?

    Are you distributing these products with the consent of the authors?
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  4. AlphaWulf

    AlphaWulf Affiliate affiliate

    A part of the guides are written by myself and the rest are licensed through a PLR and I do have consent of the authors.

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