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How to Warm Your Cold E-mail List? Without Being Salesy!

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Mark Robert, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Mark Robert

    Mark Robert Affiliate affiliate

    Now we’re going to talk about warming a cold list, and this is amazingly easy. A cold
    list is basically a list that you’ve built up, but then you stopped mailing it so it gets

    People may think, “Who are you?” They forget about you very quickly. Almost
    everyone has let a list go cold. The reality is that once you start a list, you’ll usually end
    up with more than one list. I could go into the reasons, but just trust me on it. You
    usually end up with more than one list. Almost everyone who starts building a list
    ends up with more than one list, and we’ve almost all let a list go cold by not
    publishing to it. It’s the reality. I know it sounds weird.

    If you’re sitting there and you don’t have a list (all you want is to have a list of X
    number of subscribers) to let it go cold seems like really weird, but trust me it
    happens. The thing to remember is for every week or month that a list goes unmailed,
    it gets colder. If you let a week go by, it starts to cool off. If you let two weeks go by,
    it’s getting colder. You let a month go by, it’s getting colder. That’s okay because there
    is an easy solution to that.

    This is how you warm a cold list: The “mea culpa,” which means basically that’s
    where you just admit your mistake.

    What you do is you admit your mistake, you reintroduce yourself, and you tell them
    why you haven’t contacted them. It doesn’t have to be a great reason. It could just be,
    “Hey, it’s John. You subscribed to my updates a few months ago, and I screwed up. I
    haven’t sent you anything in months, and I’m really sorry about that, but my dog got
    sick, and I got real busy,” and yada, yada.

    You just give them the reason. Doesn’t have to be a great reason, just has to be a
    reason why. It could just be I just got really busy, but you give them some reason.
    Then some revelation of self means telling them a little bit about you and who you
    are, your situation, my dog got sick, this happened, that happened might not be a
    bad thing here. Then you send them two or three pieces of really cool content.

    Frankly, what I would do is send the first email and tell them “Hey, this is who I am, this
    is why I haven’t mailed you, but to make it up, I’ve got this really cool thing for you”.
    Right in that very first piece, I would give them a cool piece of content. Then send
    them another piece of really cool content, maybe two more pieces of cool content.
    Then you can ask them to opt in for some more extra cool content.

    None of this is rocket science. You could just send them one email that introduced
    yourself, gave the reason why, then gave them some really good content, and then
    asked them to opt in for some more cool bonus content. Basically with that old list
    your open rates and your click rates are not going to be great. You’re just trying to
    migrate some of those people over to your new list. Then your new list will be warmer,
    the open rates will be better, the click rates will be better, and that will actually make
    your delivery rates better.

    I know this could be getting a little complicated for a few folks, but just in general, you
    want to move people to a new list. Give them some good content and then promise
    them some even more cool content. It doesn’t have to be something amazing. It’s not
    like you’re giving them some amazing course. It could just be a quick video. It could
    be a quick PDF download or something like that.

    Set up a new list and have them opt into that list. Then keep in mind that your new list
    and old list are very, very different now. Your old list is an old cold list. The new list is
    the people that have migrated over and stuck with you. Best case scenario, take the
    people that have moved to your new list off your old list. Now they’re just on
    your new list, unsubscribe them from the old list. Then every now and then, you
    can send your old list another email telling them about some more cool content and
    try to get them to move over.

    With your first email to your old list, there aren’t going to be that many people
    opening or clicking, but you’ll still move some people over. Then a week later, you can
    mail them again and you’ll get some more people to move over. A week after that,
    same thing. If you’ve had a list that you let go cold for six months or longer, don’t
    think you’re going to get the majority of those people moving over. You’re going to
    get a very small percentage of them, but it is going to be a very engaged, very
    strong percentage. This is worth doing, and it’s really that simple.

    That’s how you warm a cold list.
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  3. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    That is just re opt in basically
    good tactics tho ....
  4. ClickWD

    ClickWD Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Good read, thanks for the share.