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How to use multiple custom tracking domains in Voluum?


New Member
Voluum Pro Plan offer up to 3 custom tracking domains and I have to choose one as my "main domain" but how can I use the other ones? Can I use different custom tracking domains per campaign at same time?

For example:

Campaign 1 and 2 use "main domain":
Campaign 2 use my second custom tracking domain:
Campaign 3 use my third custom tracking domain:

If I can't do this then what is the purpose of having multiple custom domains? Because Enterprise plan offer up to 20 custom tracking domains :S
It's just a CNAME. All of them will resolve to the voluum tracking URL they are pointing at. Did you contact Voluum's support with your query first? I would think they know their platform better than anyone else.
It's just a CNAME

Thanks MxyzptlkFishStix! Remembering that I discovered that all my Voluum links works with any of the added custom tracking domains!

So for example if I have in my Voluum configuration this domains:
  • (main tracking domain)
By default when I create a campaign in Voluum I get this link:

but I can replace "" with any of the other custom tracking domains added and it works!

So this links:

Redirects to the same campaign :D!

But again here another doubt... How can I strategically take advantage of this?