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custom domain

  1. Mabegu5000

    Please I Need Help with the Custom Domain Configuration of Bemob and Namecheap

    hello how are you I have a problem with the domain or configuration What happens is that I have the main domain in another hosting and there I have a wordpress. but I need to create a subdomain to add it to a tracking system (Bemob) but when I configure the subdomain to tracking it is the...
  2. thehustler

    Help setting custom domain in CPA Grip

    This is their instruction aass I followed and uploaded but now can't understand what to do? Please help.
  3. Antary

    Voluum adding and using a custom domain

    Hi! My name is Anastasiia. I'm using Voluum and now I want to add a custom domain and set it only for several campaigns I run. Please help me understand how to do it correctly. P.S. I read and other related info. But it's still...
  4. chriscxmpo

    MaxBounty - Use Custom Tracking URL

    Hi. This question is specifically about MaxBounty. Is it possible to use custom domain as my tracking? Other than url redirect? eg. Default tracking: www. (not a real tracking) Custom domain (A domain I own): www. I have this kind of domain...
  5. Stormrage

    How to use multiple custom tracking domains in Voluum?

    Voluum Pro Plan offer up to 3 custom tracking domains and I have to choose one as my "main domain" but how can I use the other ones? Can I use different custom tracking domains per campaign at same time? For example: Campaign 1 and 2 use "main domain": Campaign 2 use my second...