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How to Set up Prosper202.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by K, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    How to Set up Prosper202

    This guide will walk you through exactly how to set up the most basic tracking on Prosper202. If you haven't yet installed Prosper202 you will need to follow this thread.


    Prosper202 is the most used and common affiliate marketing tracking tool. A lot of people find it very confusing at first but i will explain how to install it here then in another guide show you how to use it. If you have never used a tracking tool before this is a great one to start with however i always use one called PPV Demon. They essentially do the same thing and get the same result.

    Install Prosper202

    You will need to run a fresh install on a new domain of Prosper202, it's 100% free and you can follow our guide on how to install Prosper202 here.

    Set Up Prosper202

    Although it is incredibly simple to do, some people stall on setting up Prosper202 or other tracking systems. I would always contact your affiliate manager when you are running your first installation as they can provide you with the relevant subid and postback pixel information. Otherwise follow this guide and i will do my best to run through it with you. It really is simple once you've done it a few times and the #'s they use will walk you through each step. I use demon tracking and PPV demon but it's exactly the same process of set up.

    Head on over the the Tracking202 and Setup tab on your Prosper202 dashboard. The first step is to complete # Traffic Sources.

    #Traffic Sources

    1st - Add Traffic Source

    Input the traffic source you are using, for example 7Search, Facebook, PoF, Adcenter etc.

    2nd - Add Traffic Source Accounts and Pixels

    Traffic Source - Select the above source or any you wish to set up.
    Account Username - Your username for that traffic source.
    Pixel Type - You will need to contact your traffic source and find out there conversion pixel and select type.
    Pixel Code - Enter the conversion pixel code from your traffic source if they have one.

    > Add



    Add Campaign Category

    Campaign Category - Input your network where the offer comes from, for example Peerfly.

    > Add



    Add A Campaign

    Affiliate Network - Select the affiliate network that your are running with a previously added.
    Campaign Name - Here you can add the offer name you wish to run and maybe some campaign demographics.
    Rotate URLs - Select yes if you want to spin offers but for this guide select no.

    Affiliate URL - Ok this bit can confuse people, quite simply if you have an issue get in contact with your affiliate manager. Basically you need to head on over your networks offer page, and grab the LONG version of their link. Now most networks will have the ability to add "sub ids" via the offer dashboard. Simple add 1-5 sub id variables to your link using the networks tools or ask your AM.

    Typically your offer link should look something like

    We now need to copy and paste that link over to the Prosper202 affiliate URL field and add the place holders after each "subid=". So for example the above link would become,

    It looks very complicated but i assure you once you've done it a few times it becomes very easy. Just make sure you ask your affiliate manager for the correct variables and some help first time around.

    Payout $ - Here you put the amount shown in your offer page, which the offer converts for.
    Cloaking - Select yes or no depending on wether you wish to cloak your link.

    > Add


    #Get Postback/Pixel

    This is where you grab your postback or pixel link to place into your affiliate network dashboard. What this does is works with your network to alert Prosper202 when a conversion takes place. Therefore making it easy for you to track conversions without even going to your network panel. Each network is different but MOST will have offer pixel fields where by you can enter the postback link and hit enter. Again i would advise asking your affiliate manager how you can add a postback or pixel to a specific offer. Some networks have a global postback section. I always grab the Simple Global Tracking Pixel which is an iFrame pixel.

    Place the code in the correct place on your affiliate network and save it.


    #Get Links

    So we now should have everything set up, we just need to click through and add all the work we have done prior, together. This will generate us our tracking link to use on our campaigns.

    Affiliate Network - Select the Affiliate Network you set up earlier.
    Campaign - Again select the network offer we set up.
    Method - For purpose of this guide select Direct Linking.
    Cloaking - Personally i always cloak my links but it's up to you.
    Network - Select the traffic source you are going to use.
    Account - Username for the traffic source.
    Max CPC - Here you will need to add the average or max cost per click you will be paying. If running on CPM you will need to work out the average CPC based on your CTR.
    Tracking ID - Here you can add your demographical variables or keyword tracking. Get in touch with your network and see what they can output for example, keywords, ages etc. They will provide you with the correct code for this.

    > Generate Tracking Link


    Test your link

    Grab your link and paste it into your browser, visit it and then click > Overview > Campaign Overview

    It should show you your click with your IP and operating system. It's now time to push some traffic and get serious!

    Last edited: Aug 29, 2014
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  2. terraleads
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Upping this as many users have been asking for it.
  4. darrylhudson

    darrylhudson Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Nice share K, have you tried Demon Tracking by Steven Rounds? It's a nice piece of software and does a few more things which helps me say focused inside of my campaigns.
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Yes I have I had the old version PPV demon! Pretty much does the same job but costs!
  6. ezeey

    ezeey Affiliate affiliate

    Excellent guide! Prosper202 is probably the most underutilized IM tools around, well and common sense.
  7. ejjjy510

    ejjjy510 Affiliate affiliate

    I am using hyper tracker and want to cancell my subscription for cost cutting. Is Prosper 202 the best alternative I could put my hand on? Any suggestions? Thank you K for sharing Prosper 202 guide.
  8. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    For a FREE tracking tool, hands down the best - but you'll need a nice VPS or some space on one to host it!

    I've only ever used Tracking202 and PPV Demon...
  9. clickroverninjas

    clickroverninjas Affiliate affiliate

    If you are cutting costs, then prosper202.. There is no other free tool like it.
  10. ejjjy510

    ejjjy510 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks "Click"!!
  11. ejjjy510

    ejjjy510 Affiliate affiliate

  12. Serious

    Serious Affiliate affiliate

    I agree, its the best free tracking tool around.
  13. trump56

    trump56 Affiliate affiliate

    Works well for me
  14. loccpa

    loccpa Affiliate affiliate

    Like this post!
  15. jims45

    jims45 Affiliate affiliate

    In tracking ID parameter c1/c2 etc. you have "from network", is this from (in my case) Peerfly or the Traffic Source (in my case 50onRed) ?
    Really confused by this also the many types of tracking pixel/postback.
    Help much appreciated thanks in advance.
  16. petrijarvinen

    petrijarvinen Affiliate affiliate

    Txs .. Perfect.. Printed and hanging on my wall :) .. needed a cheat sheet .. BR PJ
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  17. anislagan

    anislagan Affiliate affiliate

    Installed and tried to setup but realized that current prosper only supports up to 4+1 parameters for tracking. The parameters are not good enough for mobile unless you do combine the tracking params into one and parse the result. Prosper202 poster in warrior promised to extend this in the upcoming release. How
  18. crysper

    crysper Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    Prosper lacks in mobile department. For mobile I recommend Voluum, the noob plan is free and very good for starters. The pricing is quite cheap for the features it has if you are going to push more volume.

    Here's an amazing guide by servandosilva inside the dojo http://www.affiliatefix.com/threads/voluum-the-ultimate-guide.9411/

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