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how to make $$$ while shopping


Today i'd like to share with you a service that i've been enjoying last months.

if your doing drop shipping this can save you big money that can help you with the bank and payment processor fees, or even if you just shop online this can be very helpful too.
the service is Ebates (aff link you'll get 10$ after you spend 25$ online ;))i know some of you might now this and there are others who offer the same service but for me Ebates (no aff link) is the best cash back service today.
the service is simple you get cash back on your online orders up to 10%.
Ebates (no aff link) made it easy to use if you install there chrome extension and every time you shop you can get up to 10% cash back.
just add there chrome extension and forget about it that's what i do and it connect with your mobile so even if you shop using apps you can still get cash back on your orders.
once you get up 50$ you can withdraw that money by check or from paypal.
enjoy ;)
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Abdellahi, you have to state when a link is your referral link and must also offer a NON referral link. Members can decide which they want to use. Please adjust your post to that format.

Them's the rules, thanks. :D


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I use lucky to get cash back.. I don't get a satisfying amount tbh lol but it feels cool

- Samira