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How to increase the income of existing website?


I have forum which is about Wild animals and national parks. It is good and it has almost 25000 visits per month, about 90,000 page views per months.
I don't know how to monetize this forum except google adsense. I am almost making $40- $50 per month from google adsense. I have tried clickbank affiliate, I have tried shareasale but not able to make any money with them.
According to google analytic my most visitors are about age 18 - 35 year and they mostly interested in Sports/ Individual Sports/ Running & Walking.
I have also tried some affiliate of tour booking company in Africa, but to my surprise that also didn't converted.
Currently I am trying aliexpress affiliate program, So far nothing.
I would like to know what can I do to increase the income from my website.
Thanks In advance
Firstly when you say visitors are they unique and is the bounce rate high?
This suggests only a short stay on the site and no generation of interest.
Adsense requires clicks to make income. CPM otherwise requires 3 times the visitors on your site to gain income.
Look on what clicks have generated your income. What was the most popular type of ad that generated more clicks?
if you can look at your statistics to find this information then start making your website to relevant offer and affiliate programs that match the ads show that are popular.
You say you have tried clickbank and other affiliate offers without success.
if you are just putting banner and a link to the offer that is why you are unsuccessful number 1.
You are competing against 95% of affiliate marketers doing same thing as most affiliate marketers make this same mistake.
Stay focused on one niche and work at in your website. Do you know why most sales people become successful?

The simple answer is they know what they are selling and can explain it because they did the research on it and have the experience of being able to market it personally to gain the commission of the sale.

So your product or offer on your website must give interest to the visitor to gain their attention. Just putting ads is going to be a like a visitor on a highway seeing the billboard but pass it by.

Your job is to make them want to stay, read and read reviews or feedback to the product or offer then you will have a better chance of them clicking and maybe buying the product or offer you are promoting.
Adsense is a bidders game. Did you know your space on your site gets bidded on?

So If you have traffic that is unique then the chance of more revenue comes into play.

Obviously the more traffic generated the more interest in the space provided.

BUT understand one thing CPC is completely different from CPM. IN order to make money on impressions per visitor is going to require a massive amount of continued flowing traffic to make revenue.

CLICKS govern your income, the more clicks on your site then the bidder will give you a higher click rating revenue for your space. Advertisers pay a lot to ADVERTISE through google but if the there is no viewing or clicking then you will only make pennies.

Also be careful how you generate your traffic, if they see a high bounce rate it can look like synthetic clicks and can get you suspended very quickly and never being able to open another account again(past experience).

If an advertiser complains of being charged for nothing then adsense looks into your traffic and where it comes from.

Never click your own ADS its a no no and will get you shut down very quickly.

I gave a lot more answer for the simple reason there is so much more governing the way adsense works.
Thank you for the answer,
I have already given basic details. If you read my lead post you can guess it is forum, In general forum bounce rate is low. My unique visit is around 12000/mon. Total visit is 25000/mon, Page views 90,000/mon
My most of the traffic come from google search.

You answer is more of general type, It certainly have some great point, but I am looking for more specific suggestion
Like, does the traffic of my niche (Nature, wildlife etc) are cold traffic ? Which vertical has maximum chance of success with the kind of traffic my website is receiving? Beside clickbank and adsense what else I can try that may have better conversion for my site ?
I am not sitting, I am doing experiments but non of them is working for me
I have a great idea that is selling t-shirts with teespring. Think of a T-shirt design that visitors might be interested in. You earn $ 1000-2000 per month and more. SURE!
Thank you,
I have tried that, with my own design, which was terrible and I made one sale in 2 months.
I think, I have to get it done through professional, may be on fiverr? I will try that.
For better earning from your website you should increase your website visitors. Because if you can visitors then your sell will ultimately increase and you can earn a lot of money from it.
Thank you,
I have tried that, with my own design, which was terrible and I made one sale in 2 months.
I think, I have to get it done through professional, may be on fiverr? I will try that.
With teespring, you can not succeed right from the first time. I think you should try with a more professional design. The most important thing is, understand what your visitor likes?
Thank you for the inputs.
Is their something different we can try with forum ?
I think forums have more page views for the same number of visits compared to blog or website.
My forum has only 10000 to 12000/mo unique visitors, nearly 25000/mo total visits but page views is near around 100,000/mo
You definitely worked hard to reach 90,000 page views. With 12,000 visits per month, you may place ads on your site and earn easily from $50 to $150+ depending on the country your visitors come from. Try our monetization platform for publishers. It is eCPM-based platform, and each impression will bring you money. You may mix the ads with other monetization tactics.
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Hi Sanjay,

What is your main target market, geographically speaking? The type of content you are promoting lends itself as a perfect environment to promote video ads. These can deliver you better eCPMs and also enhance the user satisfaction when visiting your website. video intelligence focuses on delivering premium video ads that match the content of this website, specifically for these reasons.

Take a look on our website at the options we have for publishers or contact me if you have any questions.