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How to get approved in MaxBounty?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by adidam, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. adidam

    adidam Skype: AdidamHere affiliate


    I would like to know how to get approved in MaxBounty easily? I have written an application to them but I am pretty much scared first time as they reject loads of users.

    Please help me in this case.

  2. ytz
  3. radium

    radium Affiliate affiliate

    There's no need to be scared, mate. Rejects do happen at times, but you can always apply again later.

    Just be honest with your promotion methods and experience etc.

    You'll probably have to do a phone interview and answer a few basic questions.
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  4. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    I've sent this to my buddy Steve - as your a Dojo member I'm sure he will put you on the right track.
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  5. btmdario

    btmdario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Just be honest...they are newbie friendly
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  6. adidam

    adidam Skype: AdidamHere affiliate

    Thanks a lot. Do you have any kind of approach in MaxBounty?

    Please if you can ask them to take me in?

  7. Steve MaxBounty

    Steve MaxBounty Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    It all starts with an application. Go to our signup page and fill it out. You'll hear back from us within a couple days.

    If you happen to get rejected, read the rejection e-mail carefully and follow the appeal instructions. It's the only way to get a rejection overturned (if you are even rejected in the first place).

    Getting into a network isn't always the easiest thing, but there is no need to be scared. :)
  8. adidam

    adidam Skype: AdidamHere affiliate

    This is the mail I got from your side.:

    Thank you for your interest, but we are unable to accept your
    application as a MaxBounty affiliate. You are currently residing
    in a country that has an exceptionally high amount of fraud and as
    such we reject all affiliate applications from your country.

    If you would like to appeal this rejection, please reply to this
    e-mail with a detailed explanation on how you drive traffic to
    affiliate marketing campaigns.

    Thank you from,
    The MaxBounty Team

    Steve, Thanks for the reply over my thread. I have certain things to say:

    How can I change my country when I am not fraud but for now the only solution left for me is to shift to some other country which is not considered as fraud?

    Well most of the successful IMer's resides in India Only. I think you should ask your team or maybe you should consider my experience in IM and Blogging and give me a chance to be the publisher of your esteemed network.

    Please do consider my application.

    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  9. chiruraaj

    chiruraaj Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hi Adidam,

    Take it easy buddy. I am also an Indian and I am a proud affiliate of Maxbounty. Infact it is my favourite CPA network. You dont need to change your country of residence to get accepted. You just need to show them your proper plan on how you intend to promote their offers. Plus a little proactiveness helps a lot in getting accepted to CPA networks. Try to talk to them on phone and explain your promotion methods and it shouldn't be that hard to get your rejection overturned if you can show them that you are serious.

    Ya, getting accepted to CPA networks is a little difficult if you are an Indian, but it can definitely be done with a proper plan in place. Also, saying that most successful IMer's reside in India is not going to help our case in any way. :)
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  10. cpadatingmaster

    cpadatingmaster Affiliate affiliate

    If you already apply to MaxBounty you get your dedicated affiliate manager. Don't be scared, pick up your phone and dial his number (take note on local time). Explain why you want to enter inside the network and what will be the benefits if they let you in. Just be honest and don't be afraid of rejection. If you get rejected it's not end of the world but your attitude must be always positive.
  11. operationoffers

    operationoffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Most CPA networks filter their applications the same way depending on volume. If you are honest you will be fine. Honesty is what most networks are looking for. there is such a large amount of fraudulent pubs out there that it forces network owners to be very cautious. give a detailed breakdown of what you now or plan to do along with any relevant websites you use. We usually will approve any Affiliatefix member that has been active for a little while.
  12. chrisba

    chrisba Affiliate affiliate

    There's no need to be scared, just be honest with your application. Tell them how you plan on driving traffic to their offers. They are much nicer then some of the other networks :)
  13. Matheus

    Matheus Affiliate affiliate

    My application was rejected, I filled everything in the application with my current experience, but when they called me, I got in state of panic, my words wouldn't go out of my mouth, I got desperate, I couldn't help it, I swear I tried to answer back everything, but I could barely talk and process everything he was saying, because he was talking too fast. So they may have thought I was lying or something, I even tried to get back by email. Got no answer, I was even desperate in the last email (Yes, I'm ashamed of that), but it was my reaction by the time, not I even expected to react like that, I'm usually cool headed. It's because I was very anxious with that application, it was for me like an important job interview.
    You guys may think that's funny, but I'm a non US resident, the last time I talked to someone outside my country, specially to someone from USA or CANADA, was years ago. I just wanted to get in a serious affiliate system that wouldn't convert my traffic into free traffic, heard many good things about Maxbounty.

    Hello Name,

    Thank you for your interest but we are unable to accept your application as a MaxBounty affiliate at this time or at any time in the near future.

    Thank you.

    Compliance Team
    MaxBounty Inc."
  14. August Hansen

    August Hansen Affiliate affiliate

    I actually just did my phone interview and got approved about an hour ago. I am fairly new to the game and don't have much experience to show but I applied to Maxbounty and was completely honest and up front. I told the AM that I am new to this and have little experience but am extremely driven. I told her I currently have a few Bing ads I am testing and looking to build on my experience and excited to work with Maxbounty as I have heard many great things. Most importantly, be charming, be nice and upbeat. If you sound nervous and shaky and awkward, doesn't matter how much experience you have, who would want to work with you?

    Also, towards the end of the call, ask her some questions. Ask about hot offers in your niche. This will seal the deal mate. Good luck and report back. Cheers!
  15. Matheus

    Matheus Affiliate affiliate

    It's easy to say that when you're a native speaker. I'm absolutely sure that I wouldn't be anxious if they were speaking my native language. I was more worried about being able to answer everything in a good English, than worried about anything else. Now you tell me "Then why would someone want to do business to someone who gets anxious when speaking English?", Well, you use your voice in this forum? You use text to communicate, don't you? Same thing is the website you'll be using to promote their products, unless you're a Youtuber.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2015
  16. August Hansen

    August Hansen Affiliate affiliate

    No reason to take offense mate. This was targeted at general conversation. If targeted at you, I would have quoted you. As in what I just did.

    In your case, I would give you the same advice. Play it cool. They realize English is not the only spoken language. Also, she asked a total of two questions. 1. Tell me about your experience. 2. What niche are you targeting. Maybe just focus on Your answers for that.

    Good luck!
  17. prakash0099

    prakash0099 Affiliate affiliate

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