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How to evaluate a niche?

Discussion in 'Research and Intelligence' started by Alessio, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Alessio

    Alessio New Member affiliate

    Which element analize and use to evaluate if enter or leave a niche?
  2. Voluum
  3. FBQueen

    FBQueen Affiliate affiliate

    Simple. :)

    Look at your spending and earning. Did you spend more than what you've earned on that campaign? If you answered yes, try another vertical. In other words, what was your ROI on the campaign?

    I'd stick with the same traffic source and analyze the audience that's visiting that channel/website. In FB's case you can target pretty specific audiences, so make sure the offer matches the audience who sees your ads.

    I like to use the EPC(earnings-per-click) metric to evaluate which offer does better within a certain vertical and traffic source.
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  4. planBman

    planBman Affiliate affiliate

    Alessio, would you be so kind to sharing with us the niche(s) you are considering, as well as your first suspicions?
    I mean, what "due diligence" did you put on it before asking?

    FBQueen, thanks a lot for your insights.
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  5. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    There are very many factors that you will have to put into considerations when it comes to selecting a niche. This is just to enable you settle on the best option. Personally, I usually list down my skills and also the areas I do feel I have passion for. From that, will then be able to figure out the best option in terms of the return on investment. It is very important to invest in a niche that you will get higher returns. Finally, the time taken to get returns and the gap that exists.