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How to easily and quickly download landing pages - tutorial from Spypush team

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by spypush.com, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. spypush.com

    spypush.com Service Manager Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Hello, guys!
    We have received many requests from people who ask to add the function of downloading landing pages to our service Spypush. Soon we will add this feature to our service.

    In the meantime, we will tell you a simple and fast way to download any landing page.

    So, what we need:
    1) Google Chrome Browser
    2) Google Chrome browser extension - Web ScrapBook


    Install the Web ScrapBook extension and go to the settings. To do this, click on the extension icon and select the item “Options

    Next, we enable saving of landing pages to a folder in the settings (by default, the folder will be in the path / Downloads / WebScrapBook) - change the setting “Save captured data as:” from HTZ Package to Folder.


    Next, enable javascript saving in the “Scripts:” setting - change the value of Blank to Save.

    And save the settings - click the “Save” button.

    It's all! Now you can download most landing pages in just a couple of clicks.
    To do this, simply click on the extension icon and then click “Capture tab” or “Capture tab source”, depending on your needs.

    “Capture tab” - capture the current status of the current tab. Only the selected range is captured if there’s selection.
    “Capture tab source” - capture the original status of the current page, before processed by scripts.


    Wait for all files to download. Now you can go to the / Downloads / WebScrapBook folder on your PC, there you will find the downloaded landing page.

    Take a few examples of landing pages from Spypush and try to download them.

    Add to favorites creatives, landing pages which we would like to download. We specifically took the creatives of different verticals to demonstrate the work of the WebScrapBook extension.

    LP #1 (Sweepstakes Samsung Galaxy S9) - http://feasibles.online/ww1/fr2/s9/rang/index06.html?sxid=29wtr8n6lxi6&f=feed

    When downloading, click “Capture tab source” as the landing page has a pop-up.
    Download result: lander1

    LP #2 (Sweepstakes MediaMarkt Voucher) - https://lucky-giveaway.club/fbw1mm75/?city=Hammelburg&device_brand=Huawei&device_model=MYA-L22&uclick=twm7ci8n

    When downloading, click “Capture tab source” as the landing page has a pop-up.
    Download result: lander2 *
    * After downloading this landing page, it was necessary to manually download the “loading.gif” file and place it in the archive, since this file is loaded on the landing page after completing certain actions - 2 spins.

    LP #3 (Nutra) - http://lafirode.info/cz/erof/blog1/?uclick=ojg5pmir

    When downloading, click “Capture tab” as the landing page is static.
    Download result: lander3

    LP #4 (Dating) - http://adbomb.pro/click.php?key=zfz1rby80jxcgz79xuho&zoneid=2079640&campaignid=1673258&os=android&isp=%7Bisp%7D&car=%7Bcarrier%7D&device=%7Bdevice%7D&brow=%7Bbrowser%7D&visitor_id=117147728585478144

    There are 3 landers in rotation:

    Download each landing page separately. When downloading, click “Capture tab” to download the current landing page in rotation.
    Download result: lander4 ; lander5; lander6

    Thus, we have easily downloaded all 6 landing pages.

    To use these landings you only need to change the offer link to your own and set up integration with your tracker. To do this, you will need basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, but if you decide to download someone else's landing page, you should be ready for this :)

    Important! Web ScrapBook is not a development of the Spypush team, we are not responsible for any problems associated with this software. Web ScrapBook is a free browser extension that anyone can download.

    I hope you saw downloading landing pages is not something very complicated. We hope you will be helped by this article.
  2. Voluum
  3. Anthony.

    Anthony. Affiliate affiliate

    So you guys are not adding it into your platform, you are using a third party to who you have no association with?

    If you remember, I signed up and paid and one of the reasons why - was because you said on the index that we can download whole funnels in one click.

    Now we have to download/use some other third party tool, which we have no idea who the owner is, if it's safe, legit etc.
  4. spypush.com

    spypush.com Service Manager Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    We are working on adding this functionality.

    In this article, we just share our experience, which can be useful to all participants of this forum, including those participants who aren't clients of Spypush.
    Thanks for understanding.
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  5. Tom_A

    Tom_A Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the guide, very helpful. :)
  6. Addic7ed

    Addic7ed Affiliate affiliate

    Nice! But I’m adding to NeverGiveUp question: Is it safe to use?