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How to design an effective diagnostic questionnaire?

Alexandra Smith

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There is nothing more frustrating than moving faster in the wrong direction, and this is precisely what happens when you provide a solution to the wrong problem. All management consultants understand that identifying the real problem is half the solution, that’s why we use different tools to diagnose and understand the real challenges and issues that the client faces. Questionnaires are one of the essential tools you as a management consultant may use as a stand-alone tool or in structured and semi-structured interviews. John Smith, a consultant at ABC Company, emphasizes that management consulting companies invest time and effort in designing effective questionnaires. Smith shared with iAgility his top 5 tips on developing useful questionnaires and surveys.
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When it comes to questionnaires I think the most important thing is to ask simple, direct questions, and consider whether questions need to be open or closed. You need to be able to quickly ascertain what the user is after and whether you can help them. Screening users with a couple of simple questions might be a good thing to try instead of getting them all to go through a questionnaire, as this could save time.

Before you write your questionnaire know what you're trying to find out and only ask the questions you need to. Also, consider where is best to carry out your questionnaire in terms of accessibility and perception, this can change according to your demographic - i.e. phone, online form, chatbot etc. Just my two pennies worth.