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  1. Tim Martin

    Organizational Transformation: The Shift from Waterfall to Agile Approach

    A definitive objective of any organization is to create quality #outcomes for its customers. Any procedure that confines the association from conveying on that objective viably ought to be recognized and wiped out. Read more
  2. Alexandra Smith

    5 No-Cost Ways to Develop Your Skills

    The consulting industry is a very competitive field with an abundance of highly educated professionals with proven track records of success. In order to succeed and stay relevant in such a competitive field, consultants have to keep their knowledge up to date and continuously hone their skills...
  3. Alexandra Smith

    How to design an effective diagnostic questionnaire?

    There is nothing more frustrating than moving faster in the wrong direction, and this is precisely what happens when you provide a solution to the wrong problem. All management consultants understand that identifying the real problem is half the solution, that’s why we use different tools to...
  4. Alexandra Smith

    Decision Making Process

    Decision making is the process of choosing a specific course of action from various alternatives to solve the organizational problems or difficulties.
  5. Alexandra Smith

    How 3 H's consulting Works?

  6. funtowerk

    kinda old tymer.. new to the af but not a newbie to marketing..

    hi im jay (non friends call me jamal) and im here to network and help folk as i can.. retired from tech consulting ive worked with a company for 5 years and love sharing what we do to help others earn real money without costing them a dime.. the freedom of having your own business is not to...
  7. nexsoftsys

    Offshore Software Development & Technology Consulting Firm

    is experienced offshore and outsourcing IT solutions services provider firm based in India. Our technology experts team work together for advanced and user friendly development that make your life simpler. For making steady success in industries we make partnership with client to develop...
  8. Alexandra Smith


    According to Source Global Research consulting market is now estimated to be worth $54.7 billion and in the next few years, demand for consultants will increase from public sector as well as certain industries like IT.
  9. Tim Martin

    How come social media can boost up your business availablity?

    I was wondering while promoting your business (services) on social media how can you target your relevant audience through different platforms? because few of them are a vast platforms and it is really hard to identify the proper audience. And what are the efficient ways of doing so?
  10. Tim Martin

    What does “Big Four” consulting and Wall Street firms means?

    I have heard it somewhere and was wondering what it actually means I could not find a decent answer on google. Just tell me what it actually means?