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How to build and monetize large twitter accounts!

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by gregor100, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. gregor100

    gregor100 Affiliate affiliate

    How to build and monetize large twitter accounts!

    In this guide Gregor100 describes how you can build massive Twitter accounts and then bank from them.


    I am asking a ton of questions so I thought I might as well add something I can contribute.

    You know those really annoying twitter accounts that always get retweeted onto your timeline? @Wizdom, @LoveQuotes, @SoRelateable etc.? They all make serious amounts of cash.

    Basically what they do is post infinite amounts of tweets that teenage girls can relate to. They get hundreds, sometimes thousands of retweets and end up with insane numbers of followers. Every few hours they will post a link to an advert of some kind. For every click their advert gets, they get a fraction of a dollar. It doesn't sound like much but some of these guys are making $500 or more per account every single day.

    They all use mylikes which is an advertising network designed specifically for this type of advertising.

    So how do they do it?


    First of all you have to pick a niche to make your twitter account in. Most of these accounts are made based on love/motivational quotes. My biggest account is a parody Drake account which has just over 11,000 followers in under 1 month. This is nothing in comparison to some of the bigger accounts that have well over 2 million in some cases.

    Once you have picked your niche you need to come up with a good name for your account. SOMETIMES accounts with poor names get big but they are an exception to the rule. A good name is something that is 2 or 3 words directly related to your niche and that are pretty easy to remember. (LoveQuotes, SoRelateable, MensHumor etc, they ALL do this purely for the money off ads.)

    Next you need to pick your tweets. Pick an account with thousands of tweets (Any of the accounts i've mentioned before) and then go over to allmytweets.net. Put the name in, hide retweets, hide replies and click get tweets.

    What I do at this stage is paste them into a massive word document, remove all bullet points, remove all the dates (Highlight one date, click select all with similar formatting and then delete) and go through and individually delete all tweets with links, adverts or tweets telling you to follow other accounts (these are usually promoting their own second accounts).

    You then have 2 options;

    1 - Head over to bufferapp.com. This allows you to schedule an unlimited number of tweets for just $10 a month. It is extremely reliable and works seamlessly. You can use up to 12 twitter accounts. Absolutely brilliant app but it does take a bit of work. What I like to do is paste ALL the tweets I just compiled onto shrib.com (an online notepad, just makes this all a bit easier) and then go through them 1 by 1 and add them to buffer. All you do is highlight the tweet, remove the quotation marks and the link and then click 'Add to buffer'. I usually add about 500 tweets to my buffer, shuffle them and then leave it to work its magic. It does take a couple of hours to set up but I think it's worth it.

    My buffer schedule is set up to tweet once per hour off every single account I have, twice per hour during peak time which is 11pm to 4am (UK time, due to the US being busiest at this time).

    2 - Head over to tweetmatic. The 'lazy mans' way. Tweetmatic allows you to bulk upload massive text files of thousands of tweets. It does the same as buffer and will save you some time however use this at your own risk. A lot of people (me included) find this app very unreliable, Others have absolutely no problem with it and they swear by it but this is my experience.

    After this you can begin to build your following.

    Pick a couple of accounts that are in your niche and basically... Start stealing their followers! My tactic is pretty simple. Twitter guidelines state that you can follow up to 1000 people a day but you are likely to get banned if you do this. Every 2-3 hours I just go on my phone, go to their most recent tweet and follow 90 people who retweeted it then go to their followers and follow roughly 110 people. I do this until ive followed around 400-500 people that day and then I stop. This is how you start out. Follow people and hope for a follow back.


    You HAVE to be careful doing this. Twitter watch new accounts and you are likely to get banned for aggressive following. If you get banned once you can just click that you agree not to do it again and you essentially get a 'Get out of jail free' card. Any more than once and you need to email them and beg for your account back. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't. It's luck.

    Another app I highly recommend using is manageflitter. This shows you who isn't following you back and allows you to mass unfollow. It's a paid service but by completing a couple of very simple tasks you can get 2000 free unfollows per day.. Trust me, NOBODY needs that many unfollows so this is more than adequate! Just BE CAREFUL! If you've followed a lot of people that day, don't unfollow a few hundred in one go. Wait a day or two to unfollow.

    The reason i've listed manageflitter is because one youre following 2000 people twitter stops you. 2000 is the max following limite for people with under 2000 followers so until your account is a lot bigger you need to keep following up to 2k then carefully unfollow all your non-follow backs!

    You can do this until you reach between 10/15k followers, by then it's pretty hectic and not pratical! At this point you have a few options.

    The fastest way would be to pay some of the big accounts for promotion. They usually have an email contact in their bio but the going rate is about $500 for 10,000 REAL followers through promotion. You can go on pay4tweet and buy tweets off big accounts but again that will work out roughly the same rate and a LOT of the guys on pay4tweet have fake followers!

    What you can do is start messaging other accounts of similar size to yours and doing RT4RT. Basically you agree on terms for example; "We retweet eachothers 5 most recent tweets and leave them up for 15 minutes, then un-retweet them." You both gain a few followers and a lot of RT's. You can keep doing this no matter how many more followers you get!

    After about 100k followers it really is just time, keep promoting and be consistent!


    Going back to my first point about actually making BANK off this - MyLikes is really the only RELIABLE white-hat way to make money off this. There are other networks but MyLikes is the most solid at the moment. Most of these accounts are aimed at teenage girls so generally the ads you see them post are 'OMG Taylor Swift new boyfriend!! CLICK HERE!' or 'WOW! Fastest way to MELT fat!!!!' and the like!

    I know of people who have made thousands spamming peoples DM's with CPA links but I don't know how to do that!

    I would recommend reaching 50,000 followers before you start to post links, I haven't even posted any yet! I was taught all of this off a guy who has literally made tens of thousands of dollars doing this. It just takes time and persistence. Once you are 'set up' it only takes 15/20 mintes of your day to go on and follow people and maybe an hour or 2 every few weeks to re-stock your tweets!

    I hope this has been helpful! I may end up re-writing this because I probably ended up rambling on!
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  2. newbidder
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Great guide mate, thank you - and welcome to the main stage :)
  4. lokiys

    lokiys Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    As i see All my tweets giving just - loaded 2519 tweets.
    As i understood this is twitter restriction. But i heard that there is twitter archive as well.
    Question: is there any way to get all tweets ?


    How do you find those big accounts ?
  5. gregor100

    gregor100 Affiliate affiliate

    Not that I am aware of. You can scroll back through their actual twitter page and you could theoretically go back to their first tweet, but there are no apps that lay it out like allmytweets.

    2500 tweets will last you a few months though and by the time you've gone through them the account will have put up another 2500 tweets to steal!
  6. lokiys

    lokiys Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

  7. gregor100

    gregor100 Affiliate affiliate

    To find the big accounts I just searched things like 'quotes, love, swag' etc, the ones with the biggest followings will show up first.

    I have microsoft word 2010 and I simply highlight the date then in the top right of word there is a dropdown menu for 'select' then within that 'select all with similar formatting'.

    When it comes to duplicates there are no problems. The accounts probably only have around 1000 unique tweets, followers don't notice duplicates because they're so far apart.
  8. copyninja

    copyninja The Dojo Member affiliate

    Awesome guide, thanks for sharing.
  9. lokiys

    lokiys Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    But you can post those CPA offer links in your tweets. Am I wrong ?
    Also there need very simple bot to send DM's to your followers.

  10. gregor100

    gregor100 Affiliate affiliate

    MyLikes is the only network i am aware is 100% twitter friendly, I cannot recommend you post links from anywhere else. I am in NO way affiliated with MyLikes this is just what I know! I could be wrong..

    You CAN post other CPA links but you will get banned. It's just a matter of how long it takes a mod to stumble across it or someone to report you for spam.

    Could be minutes, could be weeks but you will just get your account banned!
  11. lokiys

    lokiys Get your fix Ninja! affiliate


    Thanks for your answer.

    Maybe there is someone who know any other network what is allowed on twitter ?
  12. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Why not instead of posting links direct - try to build up an audience from your niche elsewhere? A forum? and opt in list? then you can market to them without Twitter being bothered and drip flow new users in.
  13. Daz

    Daz Affiliate affiliate


    Here is another network Questions & Answers | ChaCha that is similar to MyLikes. It is a content network that pays you to send traffic to their site.
    Two others i can think of are Sponsored Tweets and Share Magnet.

  14. garzuaga

    garzuaga Affiliate affiliate

    I'm trying MyLikes.com, and they do pay every friday. Twitter friendly, good customer support. Thing is, per US click you only get .02 which is not a lot. Even much less or nothing from traffic coming from other countries.
  15. mako45

    mako45 Affiliate affiliate

    Good info - thanks. I always found twitter difficult to understand - you've made it a bit clearer.
  16. Dario

    Dario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Honestly I am not a big fan of Twitter:) Anyway awesome guide!
  17. PiQano

    PiQano Affiliate affiliate

    Very helpful Guide i don't know how i miss this guide :/ but anyway i added it too into my library of courses and methods to make $$$
  18. arunk89

    arunk89 Affiliate affiliate

    Better, use your own adsense powered gallery site.
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  19. POLLITO122

    POLLITO122 Affiliate affiliate

    Youm mean 50.000 followers per account, or 50.000 followers summing up all the accounts? what's the point on waiting to that?

    I'm getting tons of Japanese followers, are they also monetized this way or it has to be done differently?

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