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How NOT to Recruit Affiliates and Kill Your Rankings

Linda Buquet

Discovered an entertaining and oh so true blog, about many of the things merchants and affiliate managers do wrong in the affiliate recruiting process.

Rae over at her Sugarrae blog calls it: "the step by step guide of how to get a good affiliate to run for the hills and risk your entire organic search engine marketing plan in the process." Here are some short excerpts and a couple of the steps.

<blockquote><a target="_new" href="">How Not to Gain New Affiliates (and Kill Your Organic Rankings)</a>

Step One: Contact the potential new affiliate under false pretenses. More...

Step Two: Violate the privacy of your current affiliates to convince the potential new affiliate how great the program is. More...

Step Three: Explain to the potential new affiliate that all affiliates must agree to place a link on their page that links to the main website without tracking code, but don?t worry...</blockquote>

Linda Buquet

AffiliateGuild just let me know that site is down for maintenance. BAD timing.
It's a pretty good article so check back later.