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How do you start your day?


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For me, I tend to wake up a bit late since I happen to stay up late at night monitoring, and doing general Internet activity....

As soon as I open my eyes, I browse various social networks on my phone while I'm still in bed, then after 15-30 minutes I'd go over to my desk and check up on emails, and customer tickets, where it leads to other general Internet activity.

By noon, I'd get ready to go meet up with others whom on their typical 9:00-5:00 job lunch break for coffee, then I'll end up running other errands while I'm outside.

Then as soon as I get back home, I'd end up back on the Internet until I feel tired, and sleep.

Rinse, Repeat!

Anyone with a similar life? :p

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I start about 6AM while beginning my pot of fresh ground Starbucks and checking client sites for the first hour, then on to my micro niche sites for a couple hours, then on to the Fix Forums.