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How do we be taken serious with payments for free trials


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Hello I placed our program here around 2 to 3 weeks ago and people were saying things like why are they offering $50 for free trials it must be a scam because our program was internal. I have now joined clickbank and hope we may now be taken serious. We pay 25% of the reoccurring monthly subscription fee of $200 which is paid directly by clickbank. This is paid twice per month. For everyone who takes the free trial we pay you a one of $50 bonus payment once every 2 months paid by us. However you really need to understand our Free trial policy now as it is stated on our site. We have this policy for 2 reasons one to protect ourselves against clients taking multiple free trials and not subscribing and two If potential clients are serious about arbitrage trading they will open between 10 and 20 accounts. Our point of view is that if people want to seriously test drive the software over 30 days then 5 accounts is a minimum they will need so the software can scan exchanges and bookmakers. Here is the hard part to believe we never lose a trade. This does not make you a millionaire and you need to monitor each trade if you spend 4 minutes watching this presentation

you will understand how we make this guarantee as you are only making between .5% and 6% on average of each 100 trade.

If we did not have this policy in place for free trials we would get over 100,000 hits per day requesting free trials and our product and affiliate program would go broke. Now we are paid a commission from each bookmaker on a monthly basis. We then confirm this list against legitimate free trials taken and then pay you the affiliate!

If anyone can tell me how improve this affiliate campaign or offer any further ideas our website is

Thank you for visiting this post I need as much help as i can get