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Seeking Help How Do I Drive Traffic to My Affiliate Offers?

There are an abundance of traffic options and they need to be tailored to the form of advertising you are doing.

From the questions I see you asking, I think you need to read through the "Getting Started" forum.

Do you have the following:
  • Tracker
  • Intelligence Subscription
  • VPS
  • A Budget
  • Relationship with freelancers for copy, landers, banners, etc.
  • Joined a few networks
  • Joined a few traffic sources
You have to have your "ducks in a row" or everything will be unmanageable and result in ungathered data, no specific funnel direction, which always results in failure.

Do you see this effort as for a business or as for a hobby?
Well free traffic and paid traffic

Free traffic consist of having a blog ,create a youtube channel around your niche ,you can use forums in your niche ,facebook groups related to your niche ,you can use also social media like twitter pinterest ,tiktok ,instagram etc .You can create short videos related to your niche and you have the advantage that if you create one video you can share it everywhere

With paid traffic you can use facebook ads ,bing ads ,google ads and few others

Each has his own advantages and disavantages

Free traffic takes time to see results ,its tedious ,you need patience etc .The advantage its that you dont spend money and you spend your time
Paid traffic you can see more faster results compared to free traffic but the disavantage its that you need to pay money and you can lose money