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How Do Coupon Sites Work?


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Any discount gurus here?
How do you get feeds for coupons and promo codes
I want to start a website in this space
What are the best discount code affiliate programs in 2021
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Am I allowed to bump?

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Feeds? Are those available? If they are it's a programming task.
Usually, coupon codes are emailed to the affiliate by the sponsor.
So, it's difficult to fully automate.

Maybe, a squeeze page for a email before the coupon appears --I would use xhr/AJAX (in page to avoid pop blockers).
Then the customer remembers/writes down their "special discount code" to use in the shopping cart of the offer/cart order.
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Found some Wordpress plugins for coupon affiliate site
@Graybeard --> I did this for you because I know how much you love WP :p
Registered domain name and setting up website
Will enter codes manually just for fashion niche
Then get feed for auto gen
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Well just go to cpa networks like adworkmedia and you will find many coupons offers .Maybe just write a blog post about each offer and put a link back to your offer
I gathered a whole database of useful platforms with discounts and coupons.
I was thinking more in terms of flash sales or limited time offers.
FYI: TomTop at share a sales has these but they email notification so it's not that timely. (not US because of tariff and postal rates)
Rakuten LinkShare did that years ago maybe they have devised a feed.

Some coupons are long term or static.