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How Affiliates Make Money on the Eurovision Song Contest 2021


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Traffic Manager
Hey guys,

It's that time of the year again. The biggest live music event in the world is just around the corner.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and will last from Tuesday, May 18th, until the grand finale on Saturday, May 22nd.

And yes, as an affiliate marketer, you can also profit from Eurovision!

The Eurovision Song Contest in Numbers

It’s more than just a music show. It’s an international phenomenon. Just take a look at some of its characteristics and key stats:
  • The event influences more than 40 markets across the globe.
  • It gathers 180-200 million viewers each year.
  • Despite its name, it’s popular not only in Europe but reaches a worldwide audience.
  • It’s not one, but actually three events in five days (two semi-finals and final contest)
  • The first show was held in… 1956. Watching it is a tradition, and it might also become a long-time investment for marketers of all kinds.
According to the organizers, with around 186 million viewers the Eurovision Song Contest was the world’s biggest live music event in 2018 with 35.8% TV audience share. It’s more than twice as much as the average prime-time viewing share for those channels. Just to compare — the Super Bowl game gathered in the USA 98.2 million viewers, and the Oscars ceremony — less than 30 million viewers.

That’s impressive, right?

Let’s find out how you can significantly increase your affiliate marketing performance during the show.

Make Money with the Eurovision Betting Campaigns

Bearing in mind the scope and impact of Eurovision on several dozens of markets around the world, it’s not a surprise that the contest is one of the most popular non-sport-related events among gamblers in the middle of May.

Eurovision Betting Throughout the Years

The chart above shows us how the Eurovision Song Contest betting trends in Google search annually at that time of the year. If you’re in the affiliate marketing business, you simply can’t miss such an opportunity and at least try to grab a piece of that cake for yourself. Even with the visible decline in the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Browsing through betting sites proves how big and popular the event is. There’s a wide range of presented odds — from regular ones (who will win or finish last) to more complex and sophisticated options. Once again, remember it’s not just a music show. In recent years it’s getting more and more influenced by international issues, like the Russia – Ukraine crisis, rising the popularity of betting campaigns in Eastern Europe.

Politics rules the world. Even the world of showbusiness.

Boost Your Efforts with Push Notification Ads

Abba’s Waterloo is one of Eurovision’s evergreens and still a safe choice for radio DJ’s around the world. When it comes to the fast-changing advertising industry, there are no golden hits that will last for ages, rather seasonal trends.

If you are looking for one that is currently on top, stick to push notification ads. We recommend it especially for affiliate betting campaigns, not only due to its potential high ROI but also because it well-suited to gambling (including sports betting and others) ads.

Long story short, surveys and sweeps (including vouchers), dating, casino and gambling (including sports betting), downloads, and finance (including insurance, loans, real estate, investing), are the best-converting verticals for push ads at the moment.

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How Affiliate Marketers Make Money on the Eurovision Song Contest?