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Contest Hot Summer Contest: Get up to $5,000 Bonus for Driving Traffic



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Hey friends, we’ve got the info you've been waiting for! You can now earn up to $5,000 in cash bonuses.
All you need to do is drive traffic to DEU, NLD, BEL, AUT, CHE GEOs!
The contest rules are simple: the more traffic you drive, the more cash bonuses you earn!

Spend growth for DEU, NLD, BEL, AUT, CHE GEOsBonus
$1,000 – $3,000$100
$3,001 – $5,000$300
$5,001 – $10,000$500
$10,001 – $25,000$1,000
$25,001 – $50,000$1,500
$50,001 – $75,000$2,500
$75,001 – $99,000$3,750
At least $100,000$5,000
For each additional $100,000$5,000

A few simple rules:

· Be an AdsEmpire partner.
· Drive as much traffic as possible to the dedicated GEOs.
· Validate the quality of traffic with your manager.
· The bonus is calculated based on the difference from the previous 6 weeks.
· The contest is valid from July 5 to August 15.
· The results will be announced on August 20.

Aside from the $$$ bonus, you have a chance to win one of the AWSummit tickets with a randomizer!

Don’t waste any time! Join the contest by filling out the form!

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