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Hi everyone, I'm Quang from "Mobwinmobi".

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Mobwin, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Mobwin

    Mobwin Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everyone, I'm Quang from "Mobwinmobi" we work in the field of 3 year mobile marketing can earn more than 3k per day, working with more than 20 networks CPI, We are network and running On-site shopping cart, direct in-app, buy traffic from DSP, and social networks.
    -Platforms like games, tools, travel, entertainment.
    -Top Geo: JP AE US UK KR SA ..
    -We continue to look for great networks, which offer great support.
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  3. Anthony.

    Anthony. Moderator moderator affiliate

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  4. azgold

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    Hello and welcome to AffiliateFix, @Mobwin !

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    Enjoy the forums, Quang!
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    T J Tutor

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    Welcome to AffiliateFix!
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  6. Albertomax1

    Albertomax1 Affiliate affiliate


    Welcome to Affiliatefix :affiliatefix::affiliatefix::affiliatefix: @Mobwin
  7. VirtualGlobalPhone

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    Hey @Mobwin , welcome to affiliatefix.
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  8. John Edword

    John Edword Affiliate affiliate

    Hello nice to read your intro i like it best of luck
  9. Sherry Li

    Sherry Li Affiliate affiliate

  10. Nicolas_Spicyoffers

    Nicolas_Spicyoffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Welcome here and enjoy your stay!