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Hi all , I'm here

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Guru Sam, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. Guru Sam

    Guru Sam Affiliate affiliate

    I'm Guru Sam , I'm in affiliate business 2 years ago , i tried Apps re-skinning, i created Marketing Software , now i'm starting my Drop-shipping business , any question i'm open to answer it , Knowledge trading is my goal
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  2. Voluum
  3. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    @Guru Sam ; welcome to websitefix.
    Please be careful on not breaking the rules of the forum, so we keep the forum clean. I recommend you to write about your company and services under resources tab which will be very help full to all and free

    Thanks and we look forward for your valuable sharing to the community.
  4. VintageIT

    VintageIT Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Guru Sam, Welcome to WebsiteFix.If you Maintain and follow the rolls of this forum,its help you.Without any cost you submit your web link.
  5. Daniel_

    Daniel_ Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah this place is awesome
  6. Certified
    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    Hi @Guru Sam , welcome to the new AffiliateFix! We have merged our previously known WebsiteFix with our newly redesigned and relaunched AffiliateFix. We hope you have a great experience with this community and find it plentiful, inspiring, and fruitful.

    We have loads of great contributors posting actionable information every day.

    I'm sure you will find we are a friendly and engaging group of marketers and easy to forge relationships with.

    Looking forward to your posts and threads.

    Check out the new enhanced membership option here.

    See you around the forums.

    T J
  7. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Hiya, @Guru Sam and welcome to the newly revamped AffiliateFix!

    We not only have a new design and additional features, we also have given WebsiteFix members a huge hug and pulled them in with us. :) Now you can access all of the information, guides and support for your online endeavours in one handy place.

    One of the new features is the Account Upgrade option. It has some cool stuff and the tools are great.

    Ours, too. I'm looking forward to reading your posts and invite you to start a thread and let us know, anytime you have a question.