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Hey, it's working - I'm making sales!


Hi guys,

I'm excited right now because I've been applying all the things I've learned over the last 4 months since I started internet marketing - and I'm making sales! I 'm still amazed when I try something and it works.

A word of advice, before spending much money on ebooks and things, read the threads on the forums. I have learned SO much (for free). You can come here and ask questions and get help!

I'm the first one to say that I still have a long way to go, but it sure helps when you can see some success! Don't let anyone kid you into thinking that it doesn't take time and determination, because it definitely does.

I have even learned to enjoy(somewhat) writing articles and submitting them. It is gratifying to see the traffic that results from them. Affiliate marketing is so easy is some ways - just think, no inventory needed, no payments to process, free sales materials, etc. It's definitely the way to go in my book! Certainly not the only way, but a good one!

If you're new to IM, my advice is to just keep plugging away and pick the minds of those who are experienced and willing to help! Find something that works for you, and replicate it over and over.

Anyway, I just wanted to share and try to encourage those of you who may be getting frustrated. Don't give up - it's a learning process, and it is worth it!

Good luck,

Linda Buquet


I'm thrilled to hear your success story. I know you've been working hard
and it's awesome to hear your hard work is starting to pay off.
Inspiring for our other members, I'm sure.

Thanks so much for the update and inspiration!
Keep sharing your success with us! :)


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Diane, your story should be an inspiration for others.

Often people give up because things don't happen instantly and because it takes a little more work than they would like. Too many people read get rich quick junk and expect to quickly become wealthy without doing much of anything.

You have taken a good approach and you are being rewarded. Thanks for letting us know about the progress you are making.


Hey, thanks Diane,

I'm one of those who has bought loads of ebooks. And in most cases regretted it.

There have been times when I've asked for a refund and got absolutely no reply so have had to go straight to CB instead.

I think that speak volumes about the seller's motivation. I'd much rather learn from forums like 5 Star where the members are genuine and open to helping each other.

All the best,


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Great post Diane, thanks for sharing and congratulations :D

I agree that for newbies, one of the best features of affiliate marketing is that there is so much useful, free information out there.


Thanks for all the words of encouragement! It really can be a rewarding business. I've probably written about 18 articles to answer your question.