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Hey friends, professional CPA coach here

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by draguny, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. draguny

    draguny Affiliate affiliate

    Hey people,

    I'm draguny , as I am already registred on many forums I'd prefer to not go into all the details again, but summarized I'm using CPA for like 2 years, my best days have been around 1000$ of earnings, e.g.:



    If you have any questions I'm always up for this.
    I am currently writing very detailed guides , also on video, to give anyone the possiblity to make their dreams true via CPA or PPD.

    By now I also coach people when they sign up as referrals on a platform I currently use.
    You can hit me with a PM for more info on that.

  2. newbidder
  3. smilodon

    smilodon Affiliate affiliate

    Hi mate, a CPA coach... is it something like a dating coach?

    How To Fall In Love - YouTube

  4. Parry

    Parry Affiliate affiliate

    If you don't "prefer to go into all the details again" do you expect members here to hunt you down in "many forums"??

    You have only ONE post here. How about contributing with more posts before going on a sales spree on this forum??

    That will definitely be a first, writing detailed guides on video. How long is that...100 hours? LoL

    So that is what it is then. Spam alert!
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  5. draguny

    draguny Affiliate affiliate

    I admit I am sometimes a kind of lazy nature. Still I said the neccessary things needed for an introduction. My sentence 'if you have any questions...' also allows asking more about me, even personal until a line which I would not cross. At laest I decided to write an own text for this thread instead of copying an older introduction thread.

    Sales? Where? And when I look on the the quote you used to reply to that one, I don't even get it at all. I wanted to give the users the chance to simply ask me anything about any topic - of course I'd like the questions to be based on CPA though - and then I am answering those, if they don't have to be hold secretly (like my own websites). This is IN FACT contributing, so I rly don't see your point in that reply. I'll not include in every answer something like 'oh u need to be a ref first' - Also this is a lot better FIRST POST then "hello. give me some methods?" , right by the start on this forums I'm offering any help possible.

    You might have - or might not have - noticed, internet marketing goes through video tutorials for quite a while. for example a product which tells you how to earn money online usually becomes a subscription now where people get multiple video lessons, it becomes close to an online school. An effective method for seller and buyer. My plans are to bring such high qualities to the CPA scene, because most of all we only have some (many bad) ebooks on here, I'm going to change this with a new indepth way of talking about things. Watching how to create simple websites, find traffic sources etc. is quite better than reading about it, don't you think? Remove one "0" on the 100, 10 hours are realistic for version 1.

    Replace your spamfilter, it bugs. I have a registered company in my country which has the purpose of "Internet Marketing and coaching services" - It's part of my legal job to offer private coaching to anyone , normally I can even charge a payment for this. As CPA forums people usually understand a bit already I do not charge them, but give them another deal.

    Final words

    What I don't really get is why I would recieve such a response to my introduction thread, which was nothing else but a simply introduction which involves all these things I said because that is what I am not here to leech methods like maybe 80% of users, sure I believe I still can learn things at topics I have not took a look on, but first of all I can provide. Anyway, you definitely deserve the award of the coldest forums welcome I ever recieved, good job.
  6. smilodon

    smilodon Affiliate affiliate

    It's quite simple really. You basically came here and, in your FIRST post, told us - I'm too lazy to contribute, but I'm a bada$$ :ninja: who makes good money online, so you should come join programs under my referral link and I'll coach you. And all I have to back this up is my word. Believe me and buy what I sell.

    What you need to do is contribute mate, write up two or three guides for this forum, participate in discussions to show your knowledge and gain respect. then offer whatever you are selling. That way people will get a chance to see if there is anything valuable that you can teach them, and will be able to decide whether or not they wish to work with you.

    PS. Yeah, I can see how the NINJA icon will come in handy. :ninja::ninja::ninja: Love it already, it's a win!:ninja::ninja::ninja:
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2013
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  7. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Well said smilodon. When you are a Ninja, you enter a room and ask "How may I help", not "What's in it for me'!

    So, future Ninja :ninja: draguny, I ask you, how can we help you? (I mean besides signing up for coaching)... We are all here to help, contribute, learn, and take action!
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  8. draguny

    draguny Affiliate affiliate


    why should i do everything i did already on ______ (which I can't tell cus of this forums policy) again? It's still easy to search me up though, but the thing is, there is no need to doubt on my word.
    I've already delivered the screenshots of how I earn on CPA networks.

    Here, some shot of my business account:


    Name is shortterm for "Internet Marketing and Coaching Services" - I'm already designated to do these things, if you wanna count the post-counter and what I did on THIS forums over that, that's your personal choice, but I prefer facts over statistics..

    I don't need to write any tutorials on here, you have enough people doing that. Also there can hardly be any motivation for that, when beeing disrespected by this forums community that badly - I've never experienced that in any community I joined, it's really disgusting.

    You guys are indeed ninjas. I actually came here in the motiviation to help people out ( "ask me any question" ) , I was basically willing to share knowledge other people pay for on this forums for free. Then I got the first cocky answer already, just cus I ALSO offered the chance to private coaching (still kinda for free though) - notice the "ALSO", people who aren't interested in referral coaching can easily skip this part and just ask me something about traffic or whatever. Yet you chose to treat me that disrespecting.

    I guess there's nothing to be done here, if this applies to the most part of the community
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2013
  9. prosper202guide

    prosper202guide Affiliate affiliate

    hey draguny,

    i wouldn't worry too much about the cold reception. that seems to be standard fare for anyone that mentions right off the bat what it is they do. i received the same hostile welcome when i joined.

    some details about your CPA business would help though. what kind of offers do you specialize in, what CPA networks do your favor, and where do you find leads for your offers? also, what kind of ROI do you manage?
  10. draguny

    draguny Affiliate affiliate

    thank you for asking actually questions and talking fair to me, that's not even hard.
    I highly appreciate that.

    In my first start some years ago I was specializing on dating offers, also made a dating website, creating articles for it, and used an affiliate program where I could be paid a really good provision - it gave me 900$ , but I didn't like to be limited on that one offer, also because the dating company became worse and worse. In the end I could not earn with them anymore, I decided to leave them. that was the first time I heard about CPA networks, and not only promoting one single offer.

    Now I use incentive offers (always incentive) on AdworkMedia, Adscend, CPAGrip, CPALead, Adshift, Adgate , those are like which I tried yet, I'm sure there are more to try. My favourite was AWM because they are the most stable ones, you can rely on them shall it be support or payments on time. Yet I struggle with EPC/CR lately on this network, my newest test so far is on cpagrip and it has quite amazing rates. I might switch to them depending how stable I can see them.

    How I get leads?
    Like anyone, with content. I try to get my hands on virtual goods, shall it be ebooks, videotutorials, sometimes I also take gaming goods and offer them. All that is successful. You need to see that you choose a topic which has high interest, and for a bonus, something which has nice communites as well. That's where video games are powerful at, because if you give an offer to one gamer and ask him to share it to his gamer friends, you easily build a pyramide of leads up.

    My investments are pretty low. I got a server for all websites, I do not buy any views or anything else, my traffic comes by the websites I use because their design is automatically increasing it (viral design).

    Hope that was a helpful answer
  11. smilodon

    smilodon Affiliate affiliate

    draguny, I didn't try to attack you before, I merely answered your question. :) And I'm not trying to defend myself now either, and I don't want you to feel unwelcome, but would like to clarify a few points:

    - You barged in here and straight up started selling, almost with no intro;

    This helped alot, made me feel blessed that you decided to write a few basic sentences and not copy/paste them.

    - You seem to realize how much content means for marketing. Look at it from a forum owners perspective. What you are doing by telling people you are easy to Google and have loads of content on other forums is driving people away from THIS forum and onto another. It's like writing on your PPD site - Hey, I don't have this download available, but my competitor at this-url.com at Directnic does, go download it from him.

    I hope you see why that is quite a big no-no, especially when you are new around here.

    When you come into someones house, it is costumary to follow their rules, not your own. This slightly unpleasant situation could be avoided by taking out at least 10 -20 minutes and checking out how the forum breeds first, before posting.

    PS. Welcome to the forums. ;)
  12. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Welcome to the Fix, looking forward to seeing some good content from you.
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  13. KSixJeremy

    KSixJeremy Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Welcome to :ninja: Affiliate Fix! :ninja:

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