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Help In Setting Up a Post-Back Through a Landing Page

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by YaziMedia, May 9, 2016.

  1. YaziMedia

    YaziMedia Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys,

    I need some help.

    Here's my setup:

    Tracking System: HasOffers
    Network: AirPush
    Affiliate Network: Avazu

    I've created a Rich Media Interstitial (RMI) using Adobe Edge and have attached my tracking link from HasOffers onto a button on the RMI (including the AirPush tracking parameters). I've uploaded the RMI to my server and it works fine.

    I uploaded the RMI URL to AirPush when I set up the campaign.

    My issue is that the AirPush post-back is attached to the tracking link that the user is taken to after he clicks the link - not to the URL I upload to AirPush. So the conversions are showing up on Avazu's side and on HasOffers but not on AirPush.

    This is obviously because AirPush doesn't receive a conversion pixel because it is only tracking the RMI URL and not the actual tracking link.

    How can I track conversions through my landing page?

    AirPush support isn't being very helpful in this regard.
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  2. newbidder
  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Did you have to set up a custom traffic source in Airpush?
  4. YaziMedia

    YaziMedia Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the response TJ!

    AirPush is my traffic source.

    I post back to AirPush through HasOffers.
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  5. Alex AdsBridge

    Alex AdsBridge Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hey, how are you?

    Nice to e-meet you:) Do you use any tracking system except statistics provided by HasOffers?

    If not, you can try AdsBridge tracking system, to set up a conversions tracking and forward them to traffic source (AirPush) from the Avazu aff network with a help of AirPush s2s postback.

    If you have a special flow, you can open a support ticket on AB platfrom and will we help you with your settings.

    Btw, we have a new feature - a test link, where you can try your user-flow and don't mess up your stats.
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  6. marketerLevi

    marketerLevi Affiliate affiliate

    Seems there's a lot of members using the aff. network side of Avazu. Anybody on here who has used the ad agency side - Avazu DSP? I'm curious if most have profited or not promoting their mobile campaigns through their exchanges? And if you had to spend big testing money first, or if it was good early on?
  7. trackingdesk

    trackingdesk Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    @YaziMedia - I'd love to help, but i'm not 100% clear about your explanation. But, what I suspect is that the airpush tokens can't be passed into the RMI URL as it might be somehow "hardcoded" through the adobe software you're using, therefore the airpush clickid isn't passed and therefore the postbackurl is sen't back without the airpush clickid which eventually is the reason why you dont see the conversions in airpush.

    What about your landing page? Are you sending the traffic first to your landing page which carries your RMI? If that's the case then you might want to consider using trackingdesk which can help since the clicktag would be a simple call to action (without parameters) and pass in the background the airpush parameters into hasoffers or directly to avazu. Conversion would load to hasoffers and then to trackingdesk which would then fire it to airpush.

    Let me know if you'd want to give it a shot and i'll assist.

    Good luck

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