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Hello from Louisiana

Joe Johnson

Hi Everyone,

I've been coming to this forum for months now and watching behind scenes. Looking forward to learning more about affiliate marketing. Have a lot of interest in the contest there are listed on the forum. So any advice is welcome.



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Welcome to 5 Star, Joe. How are things going for you in Louisiana?

Whenever I see anyone from Louisiana, the first thing that comes to my mind is Hurricane Katrina. Did that horrible hurricane have any personal impact on you?

Since you have been watching 5 Star for months and you have now joined, I guess that means you liked what you saw and you want to be part of it. That is always good to hear.

As far as learning more about affiliate marketing, this is surely the right place to do that.

You have introduced yourself. I hope you will continue posting. Ask questions whenever you have any and answer questions when you can. You should enjoy being a 5 Star member.

Linda Buquet

Hey Joe,

Welcome to 5 Star. I'm glad you finally joined and am sure you will get more out of the forum, the more active you get. You sort of get back what you put in here and the more you give the more you receive. :)

So you want to win a Summit Ticket? It's pretty easy and I think the rules explain each contest. But then again, I wrote the rules so maybe they don't make sense to anyone else. :p

Let me know if you have questions. No one else has even entered yet so it should be easy to win. Either not much competition or everyone is being shy.

Joe Johnson

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Larwee, Katrina didn't have much of an impact where I lived but a relative of mines lost his 2 story house that he just purchased. Yes Linda, I would like to win that contest, all of the contest listed are great incentive to start building sites.