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Hi everyone i've recentely received a lot of question about TONIC and since their is no much resources about it so i decided to write this guide.
TONIC is traffic source network where you can buy both pop and redirect traffic for mobile and desktop.
after you create your account and fund it you can start your first campaign but before you start you can use their traffic estimator to know how much you can reach per day and the average CPC.
you can find the option once you login to your account:

once you click on "Traffic estimator" you should see something like this:

now you can select from the targeting options that you have for expample if you want t target mobile devices you select wich carrier you'd like to target and see the average CPC and the daily unique clicks(DUC).
it's very impotant to look at the daily unique clicks because sometimes you target a country where TONIC don't have much DUC and you end up by few clicks per day.
after that you will create your campaign just go back to the dashboard and chose from "zero click"(redirect) or "pop" and then you should be here:

as you can see their are many options to chose from,i mostly run RON campaign as they but i've seen some converions with category but never tried keyword.
make sure that the offer that you'r running accept adult or not after that select the device type, for browser you selct them all and optimize ater same for OS for both mobile and desktop.
after that wemove to budget and schedule:

and then name the campaign and go on
the next step is the bid :

as you can see on the right we have the expected unique per month,for the bid i'll prefer let it 0.001 per redirect (or POP) and then see if i'll get any traffic after 1 day i adjust the bid based on the campaign performance.
now you need to put your campaign url that you've got from your tacker ,make sure you add the tockens to track your campaign.
after you finish just click on " save and start campaign".
after you receive some traffic you may filter the source_id and make some black/white lists to know more you see this post from matuloo blog.

One more thing is that you can target mobile carrier if your targeting mobile:

from my experience TONIC is a good traffic source for newbie as it is very cheap very easy t use.
i mostly run mobile offers but i've seen some converions for desktop as well.
i mostly run RON campaign i've tried pop once but the result was very bad.
Been thinking about trying Tonic (which used to be DNTX if you didn't know). Just not sure if redirect traffic actually converts at all. Anyone had any luck doing something besides sweeps or...?
Bump for current comments on this ad network?
How will they moderate the content on my smartlinks when I am only allowing US ISP carrier IPs? (most VPNs, Proxy and tor IP will be banned)?
the company is based in Germany -- I could just allow DE ISPs (bans are global on that server configuration -- I may just redirect the banned to my Twitter feed)

re: Your English: Not good but understandable -- your content descriptions were of interest so I appreciated your efforts