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[Guide] The Ultimate Affiliate Guide To Content Marketing

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Emily, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Emily

    Emily Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    It’s no secret that content plays an important role within marketing. Whether you create lengthy articles and ebooks or spends hours tweaking headlines and short snippets of text. Every word you write contributes to a user clicking, converting, downloading and so on, which is why it is important to spend time creating compelling content for your audience.

    Across the forum there are tons of posts about mobile traffic, offers, cost per lead and acquisition etc. but I'm here to focus on content marketing. On the MoreNiche network we work on a CPS basis and encourage affiliates to use content marketing on their own website to promote the merchants on the network. So, today I decided to put together a detailed guide for anyone out there who is interested in this style of affiliate marketing!

    There is certainly a lot of money to be made here, but the key to success is time. A solid plan, goals and patience are a few key ingredients needed to build a successful content campaign. Quick wins are great for the short term, but for those of you with long sighted goals, a content rich affiliate website may just be key to longevity.

    I’m going to run through a few suggestions to get you off on the right foot when it comes to starting a content rich affiliate website.

    Choosing the right domain name

    When it comes to choosing a domain you can either go for branded or non branded. If you already know which product you’re going to be promoting it can be quite tempting to go for a branded domain. You will benefit from existing brand awareness and will typically rank well for branded search terms. But, when we’re thinking about longevity, a non branded domain name won’t limit you and gives you an opportunity to expand your product range further down the line. You’re also covered if the brand changes name or if you were to stop promoting that particular brand you can continue working in the same niche without having to start a new website from scratch.

    Designing your website

    It’s important that your theme and website design is user friendly, designing a site which makes it super easy for users to navigate around and find the best content is exactly what you should strive for. You also want to design something which is visually appealing, a great design can entice users into staying on your site longer and of course makes you memorable. You should consider the aim of your website when designing the layout and menu to ensure you’re creating a site that works for your main users.

    Creating the right content

    When it comes to content don’t limit yourself to just words. There’s a variety of different styles of content which can be utilised to help diversify your site and engage your visitors. For example;

    • Articles- an in depth piece of content relevant to your niche
    • Interviews - opinions and answers from an industry influencer
    • Infographic - informative stats from your niche
    • Video - an overview or your opinion displayed visually
    • Review or Case Study - an in depth review of the product you’re promoting

    When creating content to promote a product it’s important not to focus too heavily on the product itself. Remember that users are coming to your site to find information, read interesting content and not always to buy. It’s recommended to have a 80:20 split of generic vs. branded content. This will not only help boost your sites quality, organic search ranking for general key terms but it also gives the user a reason to return and recommend your site.

    You should also consider copywriting rules when it comes to editing your content. It’s never a good idea to create something and post it right away without a second pair of eyes running through it first. You should avoid ‘wordy’ copy and keep things tight by removing unnecessary words. You should also keep it simple and easy to read, use familiar words instead of long or intelligent sounding ones, for example assistance < help or numerous < many, this will help to make your content more user friendly for all audiences.

    Creating a great user experience

    When visitors land on your site, the ultimate goal is for them to click through your affiliate link and purchase a product. But, that’s not the end, you want them to return to your site and repurchase in the future and you want them to tell their friends and family to visit your site and buy the same products. So, it’s important to acknowledge your visitor, give them a great experience and ultimately a reason to recommend you. Think about how you can build loyalty with those users, what could you do to personalise their experience? You should also aim to build trust with your visitors and this can be easily achieved. Simple things like clear contact information, an about me page and social profiles will help to show your visitor that there is a real person behind the site and that content and suggestions are genuine.

    Keeping your site running overtime

    Once your site is up and running and you have created relevant reviews and articles, you’re pretty much good to go. But, having a good flow of traffic and converting those users into sales is an ongoing task, and your website won’t just run by itself. As content is king it is important that you regularly add new content to your site to remain relevant and up to date. As well as this you should also split test new features and ideas to identify what works well for your site and to ensure you are developing it further. Once you are generating a steady amount of sales you should think about reinvesting some of your earnings into your affiliate business. This may be running paid ads, implementing an email campaign or paid features such as LiveChat to improve trust and user experience on your site.

    Now, that was just a brief insight into creating a great content site, but for more ideas and inspiration check out my free ebook ‘The Affiliate Marketer’s Guide To Content Creation’.

    I hope this is useful to any aspiring affiliate marketers out there and if you’d like to chat more about promoting merchants on your website feel free to pm me! Thanks for reading :)
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  3. blackfox123

    blackfox123 Affiliate affiliate

    great post!
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  4. horus

    horus Affiliate affiliate

    Great post. I am more focused on the content part mostly in content marketing and SEO. I go with the phrase "content is king" so i believe that Unique, good quality content is essential. If you can't produce this yourself then you can get help from article writing services or similar services.
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  5. Ivana Adnium

    Ivana Adnium Guest

    A great website design + great content is the best combo you can utilize when starting out. An easy to navigate page with quality posts converts much easier than a cluttered page full of links/backlinks or crappy written material.
  6. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Great post it is. Content in itself is a gold but only when well used and managed. We at times have the content but fail to manage and therefore having little to gain from. I will emphasize on the selection of the domain name because it is one of the key things in regards to having a successful content marketing. Avoid choosing the domains that are distant from the services you are offering or promoting. It is a mistake that most of us do without knowing. Let the domain speak out the business you are doing.