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[GUIDE] Monetization YouTube channel with binary options

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by BinPartner, Nov 14, 2016.

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    To create your own YouTube channel and start earning on it, you do not need any special knowledge or additional funds for promotion. You simply need to create it and evaluate the results.

    Besides being a new source of income, launching your own channel will definitely entice you, and you may discover new talents you didn’t know you had.

    Below is a brief guide to creating a YTB channel and monetizing it in the BinPartner affiliate program.


    Creating a YouTube channel requires a Google Account. The easiest way to start working with it is an email address with Gmail. If you do not have a Google email account, it's time to create one.

    After you set up the mailbox, remain signed in, and if you already have a Google account, just sign in to your account and go to YouTube.

    On the main page in the upper lefthand corner, you will see a menu. Click on "My Channel."1

    Give it a name and select a channel category. Next, you will have to set up the channel to your liking and fill in all the necessary information.


    If you have questions about creating a channel, be sure to check with the official information from YouTube.


    1. Live trading
    A popular type of video recording is real online trading, where you clearly show in real-time the following: the opening of transactions, the amounts of transactions, and income that is completely unlimited. At the same time, you can be shown in the second screen in the frame. The presence of the creator in the video tends to greatly increase the popularity of the channel, and, therefore, increases your income.

    Record your video on the Binomo trading platform, and then upload it to your YouTube channel. Share your results with subscribers of your channel!

    In order to record a trading video on your computer screen, you need to use a recording program that can be easily found on the internet, simply enter the appropriate request in a search engine.

    There are many examples of such videos: before creating a video, we recommend familiarizing yourself with existing examples on YouTube, which will facilitate the task and serve as a source of inspiration.

    Write to your personal manager to open a real account on the Binomo trading platform: you will need an account to record your videos.

    What else can be on your YTB channel?
    • Video reviews of strategies and signals
    When your are just becoming familiar with binary options, the first thing that catches your eye is the variety of strategies and signals for successful trading. But how can you find out which strategies and signals are really worth paying attention to and which aren’t worth the time?

    For beginning traders, your channel with reviews of strategies and signals could be a real discovery. Moreover, after getting to know the world of binary options with you, experienced traders will continue to keep track of your video content, which will bring you additional revenue.

    If you combine a video review with your live presence, it will create an even more successful and "viral" effect. Don’t be afraid to appear in front of your audience, this step is always highly appreciated.

    A general recommendation: the video should be informative, but don’t make the recording too long. The optimal timing for one video is no longer than 10 minutes.

    2. If you already have a YouTube channel, but it isn’t about binary options - that’s okay! There are several options that will work for you:

    • Advertising in your videos

    For each video uploaded on YouTube, there is functionality you can use to add advertising to the video. This is done by using annotations and tips. You can use them to redirect users to the advertised site and earn on that.

    Annotations are blocks of text in which you can add links to an advertised site. They can be added to videos in 5 different ways.

    Tips are fixed icons in the upper righthand corner of the screen. You can use them for advertising by adding links to them.

    In general, annotations and tips are similar in their basic functionality - product advertising. But there are some differences. For example, when you use tips in your video, you don’t have to worry about the mobile audience, as the tips are shown on PCs and on mobile devices. It is believed that tips are improved annotations.

    You can add annotations and tips in the "Video Manager" section of your YouTube channel. Click on "Edit" next to the video and select "Tips" or "Annotations."

    You can find affiliate links to add to "Tips" in your BinPartner account → Promos → Landings.

    • Videos from the official Binomo YouTube channel
    The Binomo team strives for their clients every day and has created a lot of training material, including video content: promo videos, trading strategies, video tutorials, and more. All content is uploaded on the broker’s official YouTube channel. In addition, all the videos are available in your personal BinPartner account with direct links to each of the videos.

    To download a video, click on the link under the video in your BinPartner personal account in the "Promo" - "Video" section. And in the address bar in the link to the video, add “ss” before “youtube,” and press Enter.



    Upload the video to your YouTube channel. Go to the home page and click on "Add Video."


    After the video is uploaded to your channel, a no less important task remains - to come up with a name for the video and to add a description.

    We recommend actively introducing keywords to the name and description of the video.

    3. A ready-to-use video on your site!

    If you already have your own website, and you are actively developing it, add to your usual content with videos to make dry text more attractive and interesting.

    You can find the video code to post it on your site in your BinPartner personal account in the "Promo" - "Video" section.


    According to official statistics for 2016, the number of creators who earn six-digit figures annually on YouTube increased by 1.5 in a year. ;)

    So, go for it!
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    Learn to use the "insert image" option on the post toolbar.
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    as for me, it really is not the best method
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    yes, this is not a perfect method, but it may be useful for beginners

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