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Exciting Offers Alert!

Whether you're interested in the dating or sweepstakes offers, we've got something special just for you.

Let's dive into the incredible offers we're bringing to the table:

1️⃣ Clubedosolteiros CPL [DOI] Net
Geo: PT
Payout: 2 USD

2️⃣ DamesErotiques CPL [SOI]
Geo: BE, CA, FR, LU
Payout: 2.1 USD

3️⃣ CherryAffair CPL [DOI]
Geo: US, CA, UK, IE, NZ
Payout: 1.6 USD

4️⃣ Shipping details СС
Geo: FR, IT
Payout: FR = 22 EUR, IT = 20 EUR

5️⃣ Win a Walmart Card CC
Geo: US
Payout: 20 EUR

6️⃣ Shell Gift Card CC
Geo: US
Payout: 20 USD

Ready to take your affiliate game to the next level?
Dive into our incredible selection and let's achieve success together!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further information.
Regular Offers vs. Smartlinks: Unveiling the Difference!

At Grantoro, we provide you with a wide range of regular offers and advanced smartlink options to cater to your unique needs. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you in making the best choice for your campaigns and objectives.

So let's see what is better to choose

Regular Offers
Regular offers are specific campaigns that require you to promote a single product, service, or offer to your audience.
Regular offers allow for a focused promotional strategy and can be highly effective for targeted audiences

Smartlinks, on the other hand, represent a dynamic approach to affiliate marketing.
When you promote a smartlink, the system uses algorithms and user data to determine which offer from a portfolio is most likely to convert for that particular user.

Key Differences

1. Efficiency and Time Savings

Regular Offers: Require manual selection and monitoring of individual offers.
Smartlinks: Automate offer selection and optimization, saving you time and effort.

2. Flexibility
Regular Offers: Allow for precise targeting of specific audiences for focused campaigns.
Smartlinks: Adapt to various traffic sources and audience segments without constant adjustments.

3. Conversion Rates
Regular Offers: Success depends on accurate audience targeting and offer relevance.
Smartlinks: Maximize conversions through algorithm-driven offer selection for each user.

4. Diversification
Regular Offers: Enable you to promote different products/services separately.
Smartlinks: Offer a diversified range of offers through a single link.

Choose whatever you want

Dating, Sweepstakes, Astro, Home Improvement

Our team will be happy to help ❤️

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TES Affiliate conferences is only a few days away. Don't forget to plan a meeting with the Grantoro team if you're going there!

The conference will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, on 18-21 September.

If you plan to attend the TES affiliate conference, be sure to come say hi!
We'd love to connect with you:

Maria COO

Lana Account Manager

Get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with knowledge, inspiration, and new connections.
Crucial Tips for Webmasters

Red Flags of Untrustworthy Networks

Are you a webmaster diving into the world of affiliate marketing?
It's an exciting venture, but it comes with its share of risks, especially when dealing with unscrupulous affiliate networks. Here are some red flags to be aware of

Low Payout Rates
Often, affiliate networks propose conditions much lower than the market rates, justifying this by the fact that their offers will have a higher CR or EPC. This is possible, but
In most cases, such networks (advertisers) simply want to get more profit

Delayed or Irregular Payments
If the network frequently delays or provides inconsistent payments to webmasters, this can be a clear indication of financial instability or dishonesty.

High Payment Thresholds
Setting unreasonably high minimum payment thresholds can make it difficult for webmasters to receive their earnings promptly. Dishonest networks may use this tactic to hold onto affiliate earnings for longer periods.

For Grantoro partners, the minimum amount is $100

Read more in our blog about indicators that indicate that an affiliate network is not reliable:
Crucial Tips for Webmasters

Your success in affiliate marketing depends on choosing an honest and reputable network that values your partnership as much as you do.
Choose Grantoro to work with dating, sweepstakes, astro, and home improvement verticals
06102023_Grantoro_f.png⚡️New month with new offers⚡

Whether you have a specific country in mind or you're venturing into a multi-geographic strategy, our offers are designed to meet the needs of your diverse audience.

ID 1990
YourSecretHookup CPL [SOI]
Payout 2.5 USD

ID 2296
CuteorSlut CPL [SOI]
Payout: 2.5 USD

ID 1877
Sinder CPL [SOI]
Payout: 1.5 USD

ID 2310
Amazon_SGS_Mix_633_slider CPL [SOI]
Payout: 0.8 EUR

ID 2300
FlirtforDate CPL [SOI]
Payout: 4.5 USD

ID 2292
Payout: 20 EUR

Embark on your journey to profitability today with Grantoro's exclusive offers!

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Hello, everyone! Allow us to introduce Yana! ‍

Yana has successfully graduated from our internship program and is now a valuable member of our team, serving as a Junior Affiliate Manager at Grantoro!

In this post, we've had the privilege of chatting with Yana about her journey as an intern and her passion for affiliate marketing.

What did you do before your internship at Grantoro?

I entered the field of affiliate marketing without experience and my first step to work in this field was the course of affiliate marketing from PAXLE academy, after completing which I received an invitation to an internship at Grantoro. Before that, I worked at an industrial plant in Poland for 6 years as deputy leader in production.

Why did you decide to get into affiliate marketing?
Today, affiliate marketing is a very promising and interesting direction, which is gaining more and more popularity every year. Many of my acquaintances are already in this field, therefore, I had the opportunity to learn more about this profession from the inside. This is an area in which everyone has the opportunity to develop and grow together with the team, so there was no hesitation.

What do you like about your new job?
I like the fact that I learn something new every day. The world of marketing does not stand still and you need to keep up with all the new trends to provide partners with the best conditions for cooperation. It is a great opportunity to improve your communication skills by communicating with partners from different parts of the world.

What advice would you give to people who want to start their way in affiliate marketing?
Before starting your journey into affiliate marketing, I would still advise you to familiarize yourself with this field in advance, find out what skills are needed, and what the manager's working day is made of. If you have a thirst for new knowledge and discoveries, are ready to constantly improve and develop, if you like to communicate with people, and are always ready to help and answer your partner, then this is the job for you.

What offers would you recommend to work with?
The answer to this question depends on many factors: what is vertical, what traffic does your partner have, and which geos does he work with. You can find a suitable offer for each request, and this is the main task of the affiliate manager.

We take immense pride in Yana's accomplishments, and we're excited to see her future contributions.

If you're eager to collaborate with Yana, we wholeheartedly invite you to sign up on our website

25102023_Grantoro_f.pngHow About Some Fang-tastic Offers?

This year on Hallows Eve we are hurry to treat you with some spook-tacular offers!

️2419 Walmart Halloween CPL [SOI]
Payout: 1.5 USD

️2396 Visa $1000 Halloween CPL [SOI]

Payout: 2 USD

️2394 Fashion Nova $750 Halloween CPL [SOI]

Payout: 2 USD

️2415 Target $100 Halloween CPL [SOI]

Payout: 2 USD

️2420 KitKat Halloween CPL [SOI]

Payout: 2.5 USD

️ 2395 Amazon $100 Halloween CPL [SOI]

Payout: 2 USD

♂️Sign up and take a look at our Halloween Specials!
Exciting News Alert!

Grantoro has been nominated at Affhub CPA Voice 2023 as
Best Affiliate Program in the prestigious dating category!

Your support means the world to us, and we'd love for you to be a part of this incredible journey.

Voting is quick and easy:

1. Visit the Affhub CPA Voice 2023 website.
2. Select Grantoro in the dating category.
3. Add your name and email.

Thank you for being a part of the Grantoro family ❤️


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15112023_Grantoro_f.pngOur Team Heads to Affiliate World Asia 2023 in Bangkok!

We're ready to dive into the world of affiliate marketing and connect with partners old and new.

Schedule a meeting with us to explore potential collaborations and discuss how we can mutually elevate our successes.

Book a Meeting with Mariia, COO:

Where: Bangkok, Thailand
When: December 7-8

Don't miss out on this chance to meet us at Affiliate World Asia 2023.

See you in Bangkok!
30112023_Grantoro_f.pngThe home improvement vertical refers to the niche or category of products and services related to enhancing, renovating, or decorating residential properties.

Profitable Geographies
Generally, countries with a strong housing market and a culture of DIY projects may be more receptive to home improvement offers.

Some countries that have traditionally shown a strong interest in home improvement activities include:
United States
United Kingdom
Scandinavian Countries (e.g., Sweden, Norway, Denmark)

Traffic Sources
The home improvement vertical can benefit from various traffic sources, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
    Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are popular for home improvement inspiration.
  • Native Advertising
Niche Focus
The home improvement vertical encompasses a range of niches, each catering to specific aspects of home improvement. Some common niches include:

  • DIY Home Improvement
  • Home Decor
  • Home Renovation
  • Smart Home Technology
If you're looking for the best offers in home improvement
Register at Grantoro
Hello, dear partners!

'Tis the season of giving, and we're ready to spread some joy!
Introducing our latest Christmas offers!

Unique Advent Calendars from RITUALS, PANDORA, and JO MALONE with CC

Payout: 24€, 21€


Payout: 18€, 21€


Payout: 19€, 21€, 15€, 24€

Christmas Mystery Box CC

mysterious boxes with unexpected surprises
Payout: 20€ - 23€

Christmas Cash - New Years CPL [SOI]

load your accounts, earn cash!
Payout: 2.1$

Hulu Christmas СС submit Multigeo

just what is needed for a cozy Christmas streaming session!

ASDA 250 Christmas CPL SOI
gift cards for Christmas shopping!
Payout: 1.3$

Mediamarkt Xmas CPL SOI

Christmas deals from the most renowned electronics store in Germany
Payout: 2.1€

US Paypal $750 gift card Xmas CPL SOI

a giveaway of Paypal gift cards worth 750 USD!
Payout: 2$

Ready to start earning?

Sign up on our website and dive into these incredible offers today!
Let's introduce you to Anna, our stellar Affiliate Manager!

In this post, we sat down with Anna to delve into her internship experience and discover what fuels her passion for affiliate marketing.
Read below and find out more in our mini-interview

What did you do before your internship at Grantoro?

I entered the field of affiliate marketing without experience and my first step to work in this field was the course of affiliate marketing from PAXLE academy, after completing which I received an invitation to an internship at Grantoro. Before that, I worked as a doctor.
Why did you decide to get into affiliate marketing?
I have always been fascinated by the world of affiliate marketing.
I thought that affiliate management seemed like a perfect way to express myself, where I could show my skills and interests.
What do you like about your new job?
I appreciate several aspects of my new role.
Firstly, the opportunity to collaborate with individuals globally has been enriching, allowing for diverse perspectives and insights.
Staying abreast of market trends is integral to my position, and I find it rewarding to be consistently engaged with the latest industry innovations.
What advice would you give to people who want to start their way in affiliate marketing?
You need to have a strong understanding of the affiliate marketing industry and how it works.
Don't be afraid to ask questions and learn something new.
It's like completely plunging into a new world for yourself – the world of affiliate marketing.
What offers would you recommend to work with?
We specialize in some of the most prominent verticals in the market, including Dating, Sweepstakes, and Astro. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences. In the Sweepstakes vertical, we consistently feature top-converting offers, showcasing modern products designed to captivate customer interest.
Within our diverse portfolio, you'll discover opportunities to win coveted items such as iPhone 15, iPhone 15 PRO, PlayStation 5, Dyson V15, MacBook Pro, as well as gift cards for popular markets like Amazon, Shein, Walmart, and Pandora. Additionally, we offer subscriptions to leading streaming platforms.

The variety of offers available ensures a comprehensive selection to cater to diverse audience preferences. Explore our extensive list to find a multitude of compelling options tailored to different target markets.

If you're intrigued by the prospect of collaborating with Anna, we invite you to sign up on our website and join us as a partner!
12022024_Grantoro_f.png⏰ What time is it?

It's time to start working with the best converting Adult offers in January!
Let's skyrocket your profit now

⚡️ 234 TitsTok CPL US, CA, UK, AU [SOI]
Payout: 3.2 USD

⚡️ 2659 Ladiesinbed CPL US, UK, CA, NZ, IE [SOI] MOB for Android only
Payout: 2.1 USD

⚡️2816- 2820 Adult Pop Smartlink
Payout: DE – 2.5 USD
US – 2.9 USD
IT – 2.5 USD
FR – 2.5 USD

⚡️ 2551 Dating Smartlink CPL [SOI/DOI] WW
Payout: varies

⚡️ 2548 Adult dating Smartlink CPL WW
Payout: varies

We'll help you choose the best offers and launch traffic today!
Register and our manager will contact you:
photo_2024-01-19 13.31.15.jpeg Introducing sensational offer – a special promo code from PeerClick!

PeerClick delights GRANTORO users with unique opportunities and offers. We're providing you with an unparalleled chance to enhance your ad campaigns and expand the boundaries of your business.

It's not a joke! PeerClick gifts YOU Advanced plan for a month with 10 million clicks and a sea of cool features for FREE!
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✔️ Money in any currency: Globally manage your finances with multi-currency support.
✔️ Connection to the world: Integrate with 70+ platforms and unlock new possibilities.
✔️ Smart automation: Let machines work for you, enhancing every aspect of your campaigns.
✔️ Armor against fraudsters: Stand as an impenetrable wall against any attacks with our anti-fraud system.
✔️ Eye-opening analytics: Dive into a sea of data and catch the golden fish of your success.

Ready for a leap forward? PeerClick is with you on this exciting journey!

Artificial AI will not take over the world (maybe)

However, we will share here not our predictions about the future, but useful AI tools that will be helpful to you. Create your own banners for advertising or even videos.
In this article, we shared the tools that we think you should try. Tell us in the comments what AI-based tools you use
Harnesses the power of deep neural networks to transform ordinary images into captivating works of art. Users can upload their photos and apply various artistic styles inspired by famous artists like Van Gogh and Picasso.

Price offers both free and paid plans, with premium features such as high-resolution image output and priority processing for paid users.

DALL-E by OpenAI
Groundbreaking AI model developed by OpenAI, specializes in generating images from textual descriptions. Whether it's imagining a "snail made of harps" or "an armchair in the shape of an avocado," DALL-E can bring these imaginative concepts to life through its remarkable image synthesis capabilities.

DALL-E is primarily accessible to researchers and developers through OpenAI's API, which typically involves paid usage based on computational resources consumed.

Versatile platform that empowers creators to explore a wide range of AI models for image generation and manipulation. With an intuitive interface, users can experiment with state-of-the-art models such as StyleGAN and BigGAN, enabling them to generate photorealistic faces, landscapes, and even surreal artworks with ease.

RunwayML offers both free and paid subscription plans, with premium features including access to advanced models and increased processing power.

Merges the capabilities of AI with human creativity, allowing users to blend and evolve images collaboratively. By combining different images and adjusting various sliders for attributes like color, style, and composition, users can generate a vast array of unique artworks ranging from realistic portraits to fantastical landscapes.

Artbreeder offers basic functionalities for free, premium subscriptions unlock additional features

Deep Dream Generator
Offers a mesmerizing glimpse into the inner workings of neural networks through its dreamlike image generation process. Users can upload their images and apply various Deep Dream algorithms, which reinterpret the original content in surreal and psychedelic ways, often revealing intricate patterns and unexpected visual motifs.

Deep Dream Generator offers both free and paid subscription plans.
Hi all! Meet Anastasiia! ‍
She's a graduate of our internship and now a Junior Account Manager at Grantoro!
In this post, we asked her about her experience as an intern and what she loves about affiliate marketing.

1. What did you do before your internship at Grantoro?

I didn't have a job but I studied at my university a lot, took various courses on different topics, and was trying to find an area that would interest me. For one semester, I studied at a foreign university, and I realized that the field of digital marketing interested me more than other ones.

2. Why did you decide to get into affiliate marketing?

Once, I took a free digital marketing course for students, and I realized that I wanted to learn more about this field. Then I came across a post about an open call for a free Affiliate Management school by Paxle Academy, and I decided to give it a try, even though I didn't have in-depth knowledge. I went through all the stages of selection and training, and I understood that I liked this area – because constant movement and development, as well as establishing contacts with people, have always appealed to me.

3. What do you like about your new job?
First of all, I enjoy the flexibility that my job provides. I can combine it with studying, and I can work from anywhere in the world.
Also, undoubtedly, it's my team. They are always ready to listen, advise, and support.
Moreover, in affiliate marketing success is directly tied to measurable results. The ability to track and measure performance provides a sense of accomplishment and motivates me to continuously improve.

4. What advice would you give to people who want to start their way in affiliate marketing?

1) Never stop learning.
Before diving in, take the time to thoroughly research and understand how affiliate marketing works. After that, remember - affiliate marketing is a dynamic field, so stay updated with industry trends, best practices, and changes in consumer behavior.
2) Choose a niche you're passionate about.
Affiliate marketing is more effective when you can connect with your target audience. Select a niche or industry that aligns with your interests, expertise, or personal experiences, so it'll be easier to create engaging content and build credibility.
3) Don't give up easily.
Affiliate marketing can be rewarding, but it requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to continuously learn and evolve.

5. What offers would you recommend to work with?

I would recommend prioritizing working with offers from established advertisers in specific niches, with good payout and CR.
In Grantoro, our partners can find offers that meet all of these criteria.

If you're interested in working with Anastasiia, we encourage you to register on our website and become our partner

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EZmob offers the best traffic for advertisers and media buyers with a vast range of ad formats like Push Notification, POP, Display, and Native ads.
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Why Choose EZMob DSP?
Higher Conversion Rates
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Advanced Analytics and Reporting.
Premium ad inventory and high-quality traffic.

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What is Grantoro?
And why you should start working with us?

Grantoro is a global leader in performance marketing, connecting affiliates and direct advertisers for unparalleled growth.

Top Verticals to Monetize 100% of Your Traffic:

✨ Dating: Mainstream, Adult, Casual, Niche

✨ Sweepstakes: CC Submit, CPL, Quiz, Surveys & Questionnaires, VOD

✨ Astro & Software: Clairvoyance, Astrology, Antivirus, VPN + Utility

✨ Home Improvement: Solar, TV & Internet, Home Security, Insurance & Loans, Isolation

Partnering with the best is the only way to achieve success in CPA marketing!

Join Grantoro today and take your marketing to the next level!
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