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GPT potential

Discussion in 'Incentive Marketing' started by kotsios555, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. kotsios555

    kotsios555 Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys, i have never thought of promoting CPA offers with a GPT site, but i wonder, how big is the potential of owning a GPT site? I mean from the sight of a member, does it worth it? Also what about of the possibility of a member having no offers available to complete? If anyone of you had any experience of a GPT as Admin or member, it would be nice to share it. Thank you
  2. terraleads
  3. operationoffers

    operationoffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    The GPT industry is very competitive as well as very saturated. Another bad part of the industry is the large amount of fraud that it produces. Many advertisers refuse to have CPA offers on these type of sites.

    Now that being said, there is room from growth in sites that operate in an ethical manner. GPT sites are known for paying their members instantly which is not a very wise decision. Most advertisers and CPA networks pay Net30 which means that any fraud will be an automatic loss for the GPT site owner. CPA Networks can block what they can but if a site is run over by users attempting to fraud offers they will run out of money really fast.

    My advice if you choose to open one of these sites is to focus on promotions and contests rather then paying instantly. Also make sure you have plenty of fraud control. This will put you in good graces with your network and afford you better rates on offers
  4. CreativesLinda

    CreativesLinda Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    You can make some nice money with a GPT site although it will take a while and it takes work. The biggest obstacle is getting good members who will be 'faithful' to your site, or as faithful as any GPT site member can be. With more members you'll make more money. Promoting your site is the key.

    You don't ever have to worry about the availability of offers for U.S. members, but offers for members from other countries can be scarce. There are quite a few offers for Canada, Australia and the UK, though.

    I started out in affiliate marketing as a member of GPT sites and I've owned a GPT site for almost 6 years now. Then 3 years ago I opened my affiliate network which supplies offers to GPT sites and other affiliates and we're always adding new offers.

    If you decide you want to open a GPT site I would suggest that you use the ShiftCode script. It's really the best out there for a variety of reasons - ease of adding offfers, automatic tracking, fraud prevention, reporting, etc.

    Hope that helps! :)
  5. kotsios555

    kotsios555 Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you guys for valuable answers you gave
  6. ritsan.com

    ritsan.com aduncle.com Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hey, Did you start with your GPT website ? How's it going ? Any feedbacks ?


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