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Google Sued over Web Content



From what little I know about liability, Google probably isn't sweating it. I'm also laying better than even odds that Google has the larger legal fund between the two companies.


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Google hasn't been sued -- yet

More information has been coming out about this and it looks as if the first news reports about Google being sued are not correct.

The information now is that Brian Retkin and his lawyer have issued a "pre-action protocol," which threatens to sue Google if Google doesn't comply with their demands.

It has also been pointed out that Brian Retkin has said that Google has removed links about his company, dotWORLDS, in the past when requested to do so.

Google continues to turn up links to what Brian Retkin considers offensive third-party sites that he says are libelous. He wants Google to give him a written promise to permanently remove the links. If they don't, then he plans to sue.

Many legal experts say that Retkin wouldn't have much of a chance in the United States, but he is in the UK and will take action there where the law on such matters as this aren't as clear.

There are a lot more details and this article has them Google slapped with libel claim | The Register