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Google slashes SEO again!


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Google: "Heads will roll!"
Site Reputation Abuse & SEO Decline: Affiliates Take a Beating in Google SERPs


>>>``First-party publishers of coupon codes, on the other hand, have survived the cull and are performing well in the SERPs as a result.

Some commentators have already noted that this could be considered ‘anti-competitive’, which has got Google in trouble before. If there is a legitimate case here, then Google could be receiving more lawsuits filed from affiliates before the end of the year.

The SEO decline is not limited to this update either. Lily Ray, Vice President, SEO Strategy & Research at Amsive, recently shared some data to X, showing the sites with the biggest percentage declines in Google SEO visibility between September 4, 2023 and April 22, 2024. Nearly all of the sites appear to be affiliate publishers.

We have been in contact with many of the publishers affected by this and hope to hear their take on the situation soon. ``<<<
I think this is more to combat the use of domain authority to market CPA and for these major news sites to monetize their traffic.
SEO Hacks included.

The back story is that the news media want to charge Google and the new AI platforms to use their copyright content --
  • Google to continue their search relevance,
    retain market share and of course:
    Sell PPC SEM ads using the news-sites' content for free.
  • The AI platforms want to use the news-sites' content for free toward training their AI algorithms.
So, you choose: Symbiotic or Parasitic?
Google: "Heads will roll!"

Well, can you think of a year where at least a little of that occured?

As I see it, since their inception September 4, 1998 they have ramped up demands and requirements exponentially each year. The trend has always been for them to appear to authorities to be everything everyone ever wanted and always playing within the lines drawn. However, we all know they play to their own wants and needs.
So, you choose: Symbiotic or Parasitic?
Parasitic and not unlike what the Canadian government did with Google and tried to do with FB. Only instead of selling ads to them, they sold the right to publish Canadian approved Canadian news links. It cost G $100M and they paid it while Meta told them to FO.

Oh and the CRTC has declared the right to tell G that they have to change their algorithm.

So, we're surrounded by parasites, I suppose. Duck and roll.
Thats way i dont prefer so much the seo traffic ,of course it can be good as you can get passive traffic for a long period if you put some efort
But often you can get a hamer in your head by google giving some updates like that
It's too hard to get traffic these days
When you are trying to sell a product that is considered a vice, the product may be lucrative, but the advertising placements are going to be very limited. SEO is going to be limited by alignment with the search engine's "reputation management policies."

Maybe, a following of your social media posts might be effective if you can cultivate the correct following --that could take a long time.