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Google has announced algorithm update for Google Search & its called 'December 2020 Core Update'

Danny Sullivan says "The December 2020 Core Update is now rolling out live. As is typical with these updates, it will typically take about one to two weeks to fully roll out"

There's not some other information for this update, guess its for full Core Web Vitals roll-out next year, also maybe Google is testing some of its products they post in Google Keyword Blog --> Android, Street View, accessibility, Google Maps, Adwords, search layout, rich snippets (more videos in Google search again?), Voice Assistant, AMP, Core Web Vitals

All of this is not on the main Search Central Blog so you might have missed it


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Google steals your content to sell it's overpriced ads, and on top of that;
Google wants to tell you under what terms they will steal you content, and;
Then throws you, 'their dog', a bone if you are a good boy ...

I think that if you ignore them and just create useful content and fast loading websites that are not just advertising hell holes --you will, by default, accomplish 80% to 90% of what the never ending Giggles updates demand.

SEO is a charlatan industry and Google feeds them with crap weekly to keep it going IMHO. Been like this since Eric Schmidt's tenure and that blow-hard Matt Cutts ... :eek:


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It's true & possible to ignore algorithm updates, you can still rank & get enough exposure to get clicks return target ROI, but for this your content must be provide the most relevant content to answer user intent

Example --> web page are still top after 20 years
This (from 1999) Denmark site doesn't make any big SEO improvements for 20 years
  • #1 for 'html code for font size'
  • #1 for 'a href new window'
  • #1 for 'html page anchor'
  • #1 for 'how to create an anchor link' (its number 1 with featured snippet, but this one has no schema markup --> you can see it here view-source:
  • Even no SSL certificate !!
  • Not smart phone friendly !!
  • Breaking many Google "rules" (doesn't care & does rank)
It's October 2000, same page
Page almost has not changed

Its a nice quote from the home page
"It's easy to explain simple things so they seem to be explain complex things so they seem easy - that's the real challenge!"

So make SEO simple --> ranking organic anywhere means serving best relevant content to answer user intent