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Google PR Update

Linda Buquet

How did you guys do???

5 Star has been stuck at 5 forever.


I just checked today and I just jumped to 6. I AM THRILLED!
I'm doing the happy dance in my chair and praising the Google God! :p
5 Star blog and forum are still at 5 but thats OK.

BTW the forum had been showing a PR 3 for awhile and I noticed that Google was indexing forum.5star subdomain and subdirectory as separate domains. So I was leaking PR. I just did an htaccess forward of the subdir to the subdomain yesterday and today my PR on the forum is 5. :p
Not sure if it was that though. For some reason the forum PR fluctuates all the time depending on what data center you hit I guess.

Hopefully it will firm up now and stay at 5.
HEY maybe it will even go up to 6 if some of you guys would give me some links. :)


heh congrats 5star!

Half a year ago i bought a pr7 link to one site and it went to pr6 next update, so trust me the pr is not worth that much :p