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Google = great / Yahoo = bad

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Bambolin, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Bambolin

    Bambolin Guest

    Guys I have been reading quite a number of SEO articles stating Google has a sandbox. I have a 3 month old website which is doing great in GOOGLE. It is PR 4 and it has been like that since the first google update. I am getting good number of visitors from google and MSN but from yahoo really few people.

    I was doing some analysis, and I am noticing that yahoo is not even crawling me that often as G and MSN. can someone give me some concrete advices?
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  3. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY Affiliate affiliate

    Look forward to a long wait from YHOO/MSN, and your site to be kicked to the curb in googlied land.

    Is this a business you are starting? If so, NEVER depend on 'free' traffic/customers.

    Design your site to convert YOUR visitors into CUSTOMERS. And F the googliods.

    If you want to exploit the idiots for what they are, buy a bunch of domains, set 'em up on different servers, and then SERVE their a*s. http://seoblackhat.com/2005/08/04/step-by-step-guide-to-black-hat-search-engine-optimization/

    Make your money and run. That's what the hags at Goobblie are doing. Why not do the same?

    F Google!

    BTW, thanks, GoDoogle, for ranking my sites so high in the past month, I paid cash for a Linkcoln LS (V8), and that's AFTER funding both Children's college fund.

    And no, GODoogle, I'll not put your crap adsense on my pages, unless they're worthless scraper sites, which easily manipulate your SERPS. So, thanks for the free cash.

    Greedy folks are easy to exploit. Do it, and do it now. Be sure to give to a good charity along the way. This is not illegal (To exploit googeezz trash ALGO for the trash it is)


    Good Luck!
  4. temi

    temi Affiliate affiliate

    If your site does not acquire too many links to quickly I think you will not be placed in the sandbox
  5. maro25

    maro25 Guest

    true, my new site has not been placed in the sandbox (or maybe it was placed for a really short time). I acquired a lot of backlinks quickly and now it is ranking good for some keywords
  6. as well as SEO for google, msn and yahoo you should use google adwords and findwhat.com

    rememebr to submit your site to directroies with high pr, so they'll be crawled regularly and your link will be picked up, also swap links with Pr3+ sites.