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Google breaks 60% search market share


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Some are starting to say there is no stopping Google when it comes to search market share. The competing search engines are trying their best, but Google continues to gain market share.

It was an achievement when Google passed 50% of the search market share. Now, according to Hitwise, Google has more than a 60% search market share. The 800 pound search engine gorilla may now be up to 900 pounds.

For the four-week period which ended July 29, 2006, Google received 60.2% of United States based Internet searches. In June it was 59.3%.

During this same period, Yahoo had 22.5% and MSN was at 11.8%.

These big 3 search engines accounted for 94.5% of all the searches in the United States. The combined total of the other 54 search engines was just 5.5% during this period, according to Hitwise.