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Ask Me Anything Im blocking Google search


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Ive had enough
not only is SEO for non brands now dead in the water
but now google have ruined the search results for searchers too
if its not broken dont fix it
so im blocking google search from my devices as of today
Secret: I am signed out of Google except when I need to use them and my daily browser has been blocking Google-Analytics, Facebook Pixel and most ads that are tracking for years now.

My history at Google is =0 off

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Keep it real :D
they couldnt stop with just ruining google analytics
Actually I am functioning fine with GA4 the secret is in my events an query string from ads that forms the url and the link that has the an assign (mapped) 'link id' in its link as a parameter that head to my tracking script.

You have not been able to do this for keywords for years now with search engines but cleverly ass &mystuff=1234fk to you URL works. Also page name can have meanings and they will be show with the traffic source (e.g.; search ) along with the page title.


Im not a power google analytics user
just wanna log in
& find shit quickly
then go merily about my day
google fucked that process up
they most likely did it by purpose

started back in 2005
touting a free service
easy to use
then got all the big joes on board
now they reorganize & tons of users quit
google servers get less demand
they save money
always follow the bucks
new google analytics 4 sucks
new google analytics 4 sucks
  1. you need to understand how to use G4 takes that some effort.
  2. what do you expect it to track for you?

Google makes the specifics of organic search not easy to track intentionally.
However, have you combined the search console into the GA4? Any luck with that?
Each page should have some understood semantics that `could` be related possibly to its volume and its organic volume in particular.

on an enterprise level we used Elastic so we had `pretty charts` :D

Setting Up Button Click Event Tracking in GA4 via GTM
It's not like you paid for google-analytics --here is a roadmap.

I remember paying $10,000 for the Urchin 7 software (that is what google-analytics was developed from) then 14 months later after Google took our money they discontinued and refused to support the software any longer.

So, in the end it was our alternative was to pay monthly for the G-A enterprise edition.
Google gained their position by offering free software
they are now monetizing
it will end when a strong enough rival emerges
other than bing yahoo and the rest