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Good Evening


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Hello everyone!

My name is Tim Rees. I am a Director at World Dating Partners. We've recently had a forum added to 5star, World Dating Partners Forum - I'll obviously be spending much of my time there so pop in if you get a spare moment.

I have just joined this very good forum and look forward chatting with you all and to spending many happy hours reading and posting.


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Welcome to 5 Star, Tim.

I have read what you have posted in the World Dating Partners Forum so far and we've had a very brief private message exchange, so it feels good to be able to extend a welcome message to you.

We all look forward to reading what you post and I hope you will explore some of the many forums here at 5 Star and participate in some of those discussions.

Linda Buquet

Hey Tim,

Thanks for posting up here in the intro section so people start to know
who you are. So glad to have you part of the 5 Star team!

Hey guys - Tim and Robert the CEO of World Dating Partners are already starting to fill that forum up with some very helpful affiliate marketing and niche dating industry info.

Read their program introduction to find out how you can have your own
free White label or co-branded dating site and profit from the very lucrative online dating market.