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Goal Setting: The Turning Point

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by monasco, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. monasco

    monasco Affiliate affiliate

    In many of the success materials that I've absorbed over the years, goal setting seems to be one of the primary skills one must learn.

    Napoleon Hill
    Brian Tracy
    Tony Robbins

    They all stress that goal setting was their turning point of succeeding in life. And it's what they teach for anyone who wants to achieve anything, not just financially.

    So my question today is, how can we apply goal setting techniques for creating successful campaigns?
    I think that it would be highly beneficial for all of us to learn no matter what stage we're currently in.
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  2. terraleads
  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Oh baby, this is a great question that is overlooked by most. Most marketers early in their respective efforts fly right past this and most of them crash and burn at some point because they didn't make a plan with specific goals.

    This is one of the easiest elements of a business to learn and yet is more often overlooked.

    It's simple:
    1. devise a plan (i.e. mobile campaign for adult dating offer
    2. set markers in the campaigns for each element of the campaign
    3. each of these markers is a short term goal that must reach a conclusion before launching a campaign

    Setting goals for your business is as important and requires to be a bit more comprehensive. Goals in business are the cornerstones of accomplishment. They are not difficult, they keep you focused, and they lead you directly to the end of the rainbow.

    When it comes to campaigns, most newbies think the adage "it doesn't have to be perfect before you launch it" means they can sling shit and get rose petals in return. Not so, it simply means that if it's assembled and functioning, then it's time to take it for a short drive (an alpha launch) to see where the bugs are so you can bring it back in the shop and make adjustments and refinements. I sometimes have to adjust my business plans and goals for business, campaigns, continuing education, etc. as as often as daily, often on a weekly basis, and always as a monthly. That's how things get done, refined, and then successful.

    Goal setting is a moving object that is in continual motion and must be tended like a garden.
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  4. AffiliateX

    AffiliateX Affiliate affiliate

    @tjtutor 's advice is really great.

    A note not completely on topic, but I think adds value to your process, and applies to any goal setting.

    Have attainable goals set along the way. Too many people want big thing immediately, but everything takes work to achieve.

    To this day, I intentionally set smaller, more reasonably (not "easy") goals that I can consistently meet on my journey to the larger goals I like to call dream goals.

    Give it a try. It creates faster momentum I find, because as you are able to start ticking off goals relatively quickly it drives you to continue the process.

    This can be applied to anything, from overall goals, to simple goals within a campaign.

    Never forget to optimize everything along the way. And keep track of your goals, a visual reference (preferably in print format), that is a constant visual reminder and motivator. you can create a blueprint goal sheet to apply to any endeavor this way.
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  5. monasco

    monasco Affiliate affiliate

    Very well put! Thanks for your contribution.
  6. monasco

    monasco Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks! Also helpful.

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