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Getting Started to One Good Campaign.

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by sach411, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. sach411

    sach411 Affiliate affiliate

    I have been going through threads, discussions and kind of losing focus.
    Forum has been helpful, members are quite sharing.. some are quite straight forward.
    I was hesitating to put down the questions however looks like I keep on missing key pieces.
    Hence starting with WHATEVER I know, I have done, I plan to do and I need help with.
    Hope you bear with my questions.

    Planning to create a PPV campaign.
    Offer link from offer network ==> create tracking links to 2-3 landing pages ==> Create 2-3 landing pages ==> Set up landing pages on domain ==> Set up the tracking for LP to offer page ==> Launch campaigns from traffic source

    Offer network: Peerfly
    Traffic Source: TrafficVance/LeadImpact
    Tracking: Currently will go thr guide on Voluum. However not quite sure if Voluum or CPVLab or Prosper202. And truly speaking confused because still to set up one campaign.
    Hosting: unsure again. Only certain that will need VPS.
    Landing page : Will create simple ones. No question on creation.
    Domain: One domain for offer where landing pages will be present.
    Competition Spy, Research for keyword etc: Not yet until basic one campaign is set up

    1) Landing page will be on VPS.
    What about tracking domain? Read somewhere that tracking domain needs to be hosted on VPS as well.

    = = = = = == =

    Will really appreciate feedback on basic steps that I should be following.
    I understand that there is wealth of information on forum.
    Pointers to specific threads will help. Of course, direct inputs to this thread and my questions will be even better.

    as mentioned, I have been hesitating to ask since I thought I'll be able to read, implement piece by piece ..
    However realizing that I am going into circles.. started this thread..
    Thank you very much for viewing and responding in advance..

    Really looking forward to make a good first campaign as a learning activity and future model to build profitable campaigns.
  2. terraleads
  3. sach411

    sach411 Affiliate affiliate

    Update:Jan 24, 2015.
    Friends all details below are more useful for myself. I am trying to tie the pieces of puzzle for me.
    If someone gets help from this.. I'm happy.
    If someone posts on Questions I have with useful info or links to earlier posts in forum, I'll grateful.
    Getting quite busy these days with day job. However not an excuse to do the things which are important.
    Anyways.. I might be slow in updating the progress..

    Things done so far..
    1) Sign up for Voluum : Done

    2) Domain setup of my domain with voluum : Done

    3) Sign up for traffic source : Done (Zeroed on 7Search as of now).. Both LeadImpact and TrafficVance need $1000 deposit.
    Signing up with 7Search means I'll promote offers with PPC.

    4) Get VPS plan : Done

    Further plan, TODOs, Questions to figure out:
    1) Find offer on Peerfly to promote.
    Get the affilaite link.
    Question, Read more:
    What is Global Postback URL?
    I assume it is for tracking conversions.
    TO figure out:
    Do I integrate it with tracking software i.e. voluum or something else?
    Where can I see the stats?

    Outcome: I'll have a URL for offer.

    2) Create a landing page on my site.
    Use the URL from step1) in call to action button
    That way, people will go from my landing page to offer page

    Question, Read more, TO figure out:
    Do I need to request to approve my landing page?
    Should I ask affiliate manager to review my LP?
    Will someone at peerfly review my page?

    3) Bring traffic.
    Set up 7Search campaign.
    People should come from my ad campaign of 7Search to my LP.

    Question, Read more, TO figure out:
    Which URL to use in campaign?
    I obviously want to look for stats of my campaign.. i.e. which ad performing better.
    So I understand it will be something with Voluum.
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  4. sach411

    sach411 Affiliate affiliate

    Still waiting, searching for answers for questions I have.
    Looked at couple of offers to run direct linking campaign with 7Search.
    The only confusion.. I didn't see any ads running with those..
    So either the market is too limited to advertize with PPC or not allowed.
  5. sach411

    sach411 Affiliate affiliate

    Update: Jan 29.
    1) Got clarifications for LP related question. Thanks Luke and my Peerfly AM.
    2) Set up a 7Search campaign for Peerfly Mincraft (US) offer with direct linking
    3) Tried setting up Voluum tracking. However little unclear.

    Question, TO Research for:
    1) Tracking link and URL in campaign.
    Peerfly offer gave the description URL, affiliate URL.
    I added the affiliate link in 7Search ad.
    However unsure how voluum can be linked here.
    Ideally I need to have a link which will also tell voluum when user clicks on ad.
    2) I have already set the Global postback URL in voluum and Peerfly account.

    Resources Followed:
    Lukepeerfly post,
    Ultimate voluum guide on affiliatefix by serendesilva (Sorry if I spelled his name incorrectly)
    Oliver's video on 7Search

    Suggest any other resource.
  6. cpaheaven

    cpaheaven Affiliate affiliate

    i will wait for update, hope best converting for you, btw can you give landing page ?
  7. sach411

    sach411 Affiliate affiliate

    Update: Jan 30
    Seeing impressions for the campaign put up. No click though.
    Yet to figure out tracking for peerfly offer with voluum, 7Search.
    Will once again go thr various resources.
    Will ask specific questions with all my details

    Once a campaign is set up with tracking, I'll go for 3-4 offers. Build custom landing pages.
    Have those approved and set up the tracking.

    Side note: Learning is fun.. however I wish I could get to right resources in a timely manner.
    Sometimes feel like resources are excellent however scattered.
    Also day job continue eating after office hours as well including week ends :(
    Will get done some work on campaign over the week end for sure.
  8. cpaheaven

    cpaheaven Affiliate affiliate

    can you give more detail like cost, convert, or more easy with screen shoot your voluum or 7search account, that will be easy to me to learn, but thank you anyway
  9. sach411

    sach411 Affiliate affiliate

    Dear friend cpaheaven,
    as you would have seen my starting post.. I'm just beginning. And would say I might be even more confused.
    That is the precise reason I started the post.
    I observe putting up question over the forum is a nice way to identify WHERE am I stuck.
    Also observed that forum is helpful, and questions get answered.
    If you are in same boat as I am.. i.e. trying to put the first campaign.. you are welcome to discuss, share ideas.
    Having said that.. I certainly plan to put up the simple guide based on my experience as I figure out campaign putting process..

    Trying to get little regular as well.. however with office work sometimes.. its not easy to take out even couple of hours each day.
    It's not that time is not available... However when I have multiple deliveries for project... I can't focus on IM stuff.

    Will keep on moving, learning, putting things as regular as I can.
  10. sach411

    sach411 Affiliate affiliate

    Update: Feb 3, 2015
    I let my campaign open for broad keyword since was little frustrated with less impressions, less clicks.
    That dropped my CTR but also gave 37 clicks.. And ...... 1 conversion.
    Felt good.
    However the integration between Voluum , Peerfly offer and 7Search is still not complete.
    I could see 37 clicks on Peerfly dashboard and 7Search too. However nothing on Voluum.

    Will try to go through the tutorials, resources correctly.
    Luke and Derek (AM from Peerfly) are helping out.
    However not sure if I am not passing entire info accurately or missing some minor piece.
    But I am hopeful that I can figure it out. Hence won't kill anybody's time for now.

    Meanwhile will also create couple of landing pages and promote offer with landers.

    Currently all I was doing is the direct linking.
  11. sach411

    sach411 Affiliate affiliate

    UPdate: Feb 8, 2015
    Been running the campaigns for 3-5 major keywords. Getting clicks in broad match, exact search terms.
    HOwever so far, only 1 conversion. Either I need to improve hugely in copy writing for the ads OR offer selected is not correct.
    I might stop this campaign after couple of more days of observations.

    Will check for new offer.
    The points to study.. Landing page and tracking.

    Will still continue posting under same follow along.

    Do I need to run with multiple offers, campaign at a time?
    Share thoughts. That helps.
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  12. sach411

    sach411 Affiliate affiliate

    Update: Feb 15, 2015
    Not seeing good conversions (today 50 clicks, 1 conversion..however well over 6000 impressions). However few good things with copywriting.
    Point to share: Make a journal of even a small tip you read or get a clue for.. because it is very easy to forget.
    Read few more things about mobile campaigns as well. And looking at conversions, I was thinking of switching to mobile.. However sticking to plan as of now.. Will gradually learn, implement things in general offers.
    Yet to put up tracking correctly. Haven't put in landing page as well.
    Will pick couple of more offers. Set up landing page, tracking.

    Will ask question for tracking since not putting it correctly.


    1) Put couple of more offers with landing page, tracking.
    2) Find how to turn off clicks from Mac OS since offer being promoted is game install for Windows PC: This will be to check with 7Search.
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