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Getting Lazer Targeted Traffic with Google Alerts

Dennis Liebel

This is the first chapter of my newly finished ebook - 'Traffic Overload'

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Chapter 1 Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great free tool provided of course by Google. If will notify you of new
content related to a search query that you enter.

For the sake of time we will be using an example here to help you understand how to
setup your Google Alert. For the example you are promoting a fitness program. So now go to
Google and search for "Google Alerts". Find the free tool and then using our example we will be
setting it up as so. (you can find Google Alerts here -


In the 'search query' we will put "newest fitness programs". In 'result type' we will choose "everything" from the drop down menu, in 'how often' we will choose "as-it-happens" from the drop down menu, and in the 'how many' section we will choose "only the best results" (note: you can change and tweak this to try and get the best results for you and your search), and then in the 'deliver to' section place your email address.

If your search query is a very popular subject the alerts will start to roll in quickly. You will
want to check your email often to make sure you are getting these alerts as soon as possible.
The reason we want to get them right away is that many of these alerts will be to blog post or
forum threads and you want to be one of if not the first one to comment so that we get the most exposure.

Now this is the tricky part. You don't want to post/comment and say "COME CHECK
OUT MY AFFILIATE LINK" (note: you will want to cloak your links as well to avoid getting your
comments/posts deleted right away you can use services like but be leary here as will disable many affiliate links,, and which is my personal favorite because
they moderate the links they shrink very little. I have also heard people say "Pretty Link Lite" is a great service for this too), but instead let's say you find a blog post that is a review of a
fitness product you could post something like this:

"I found this review very helpful and the reason I purchased [FITNESS PRODUCTS NAME]. I love the program and have found a great companion program that works well with it here [YOUR CLOAKED AFFILIATE LINK]”

If you would like to take this one step further you could make a squeeze page and send
the traffic there before you send them to the offer so that you can capture emails as well.

This method will yield very very very targeted traffic and that traffic will continue to come
so long as your comment/post is near or at the top.