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Get off the DIME! How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

Linda Buquet

I was going to add the following info to this thread:
<a href="">1st Affiliate Website? Where to get it? How to build it?</a>

But decided it's really filled with so much great information I should start a new thread.

This comes from James over at the InsureMe blog.
If you are a Newbie or a SMART oldie - you'll soak this up!!!

Taking the Plunge – Getting Going in Affiliate Marketing - InsureMe Affiliate Blog:

"For a person thinking of getting into the affiliate business, I think one of the biggest first steps (and point of procrastination) is getting a web site up and running. I know that this can be a daunting task for most…what should the domain be? What will the site cost? How can I design a site when I’m not a designer?

In the spirit of helping affiliates answer these questions and get on track for success, I offer you these links to help you get started on your next (or first) affiliate project:"
BE SURE TO READ THE REST: Taking the Plunge - Getting Going in Affiliate Marketing

One of the things James mentions in his blog is a FREE CMS (content managements system - I.E. Easy web site builder). I have been looking for good easy free CMS and I had not seen this one before - it looks GREAT!

He says "An awesome, free content management system called Website Baker that can give you an easy to use, reliable, and professional looking site in no time."

Here is the Website Baker site: Website Baker: Start - Introduction
Here is a LIVE demo you can play with to see if you like it: Website Baker: Start - Demo
And there are a TON of free templates: Website Baker: Addons Repository - Templates

He also recommends Godaddy for registering domains, my personal preference is


<a href="">After the Plunge – It’s Time to Swim (and Start Advertising)</a>

"As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, Chris asked:

Can you offer any advice on someone who can already build sites, including custom CMS etc...

But is finding it hard making the jump from normal site and link building to affiliate site / link building?
I know we have lots of newbie stickies, but I'm sticking this one too.
There is no ONE right way to get started so here in the n00b section
you will find a repostory of some of the best advice for getting started.

You don't need no stinkin ebook to get started! :p


New Member
Thanks for the recognition

Thanks for posting a link to our articles Linda. I fully agree with you, there is no "right way" to get started in affiliate marketing, everyone has their own talents, passions and skills.

Keep up the good work!


You don't need no stinkin ebook to get started!

LOL! Thumbs up on that note! I'm a nOOb right here, but not in affiliate marketing and couldn't agree more that those eBooks are a total waste -- especially with a forum such as this. I'm impressed at all I've seen thus far.

Getting started in this arena can be done in so many ways -- one can even run paper ads from affiliates, or use business cards, many things you can do that don't cost an arm and a leg. It's exciting and endless! And yes, takes a lot of work, but when commissions start rolling in, you're just motivated to work more, because it's fun! ; )


What one has to realize is , that what might have worked 5 years ago, or even a year ago for that matter. May not work now. Creativity is the key. Look for something new and fresh.


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Hi everyone,

There are many success story has there might be home business owners on the internet. Everyone of us are building their path their own way.

Yes Linda, there is no right way to start in affiliate marketing. There is a way and this way it's to create our own.

Cheers :)


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Cashadventure is spot on about using 5 year old strategies, but if we don't get the latest ebooks etc how do we know? Try to ensure that what you receive is something new and not some rehashed article.

Joseph Ratliff

<b>5 Star Success Guru</b>
One quick tip for those who may be new to marketing on the internet, and this applies to affiliate marketing as well...

Stay focused. There are literally thousands of programs out there that you can join and make money from. Pick a good program in a niche you have passion about, and stay focused on that program until you have developed the marketing processes around it 100%.

When I started, I scattered myself all over the place...and lost a bunch of time and energy promoting 100 things...

Once I stopped doing that...

BAM! I started to make money.

IMPORTANT: The program you decide to use might have more than one product associated with it, that is okay. Just stay focused on that program, which could mean you are promoting related products.

Once you have developed the promotional system all the way out...and are making money with might decide to start another income stream.

Just don't lose focus.



Just Start

The best way to start in affiliate marketing is to just do that. Start, take action, put up that website. It does not need to be perfect before you put it up. The honest truth is it never really is. You will be constantly tweaking this and tuning that for as long as your website is up

Arun Lakhera

Linda after going through posts I will advice the beginners in affiliate marketing to participate in as many forums as they can. Newbies can learn the art of affiliate marketing from experienced oldies.


I am still looking for a good way to start attract affiliates )) I would like to sell hosting. And affiliate campaigns are perfect way to attract customers. But for now I have only click bank in my pocket and it still did not approve my market place. So, I am still on the way. May be I can write a script to support affiliates via PayPal... I do not know. But any way, I suppose I will find a good way. This is just a matter of time...


in affiliate marketing there is nothing like get rich quickly.there is only one way to earn commissions that is thru hard work.


You guys are great!

I am a newbie here too. This is one of the best forums I have seen. You guys are so refreshlingly helpful. Awesome! Thanks. I will be one of those soaking it up, lol ;)


Linda I appreciate your committment and dedication to education of those of us taking the plunge. I believe I have learned more in the last week in this forum than in 2 years of dabbling previously.

James you are right on target with your comment. It is so easy to get distracted like a kid in a candy store. Find a system that works and then use it to expand but also keep evolving.

I have to do some more research because I am not too sure on how to use CMS when creating sites.

Thanks to all for the knowledge and experience sharing.



Thank the lord for this forum

I am a newbie and right now I am thanking everything in the universe that I did not spend some of the colossal fees out there for Affiliate Marketing Courses/E-Books , this forum is really great!! And I have to say Jeremy Palmer's free ebook really helped me too.

I can see what everyone means about trial and error and the learning curve, I started a blog as a practice run, it's completely free and you can do Google Adsense (at least in Blogger) and most important I got the chance to play with content and design. It's only been 5 days and I've all ready discovered about 5 mistakes I made and learned about 40 new things, just from the blog activity--of course I haven't left the computer for about 30 hours straight...but that's cool, I like it here.
I can see what everyone means, I can read a million instruction manuals, e-book, but in this biz the true expertise comes from doing

Linda Buquet

Darwin, always happy to help!

genuwine4532, so glad you are finding the info here helpful.
And you're really right, you just need to jump in, roll up your sleeves and start doing it. The best education you can get it this business is to try, fail, learn from it and then try again!


I know that a big way that affiliates make a lot of money is by creating an opt in list. It is a lot of work (I know because I am in the middle of creating one). But it gets you a huge customer base on autopilot.