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Get Approved by CPA Networks

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by tomal, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. tomal

    tomal Affiliate affiliate

    Remember that CPA system subsidiary administrators need to sift through those individuals who they feel won't speak to extremely well both their business or their seller's organizations. They will need to do a short telephone meeting, the greater part of them at any rate, however regardless of what you have to give them your telephone number of CPA email list. This is critical in light of the fact that on the off chance that they don't see a telephone number, you'll in all probability get rejected. Part of the appraisal procedure is to do a telephone meeting in which they will confirm some data, but at the same time they're talking so as to assess you to you, by and by.
    Abstain from playing telephone tag since you don't have phone message, attempt to set it up on the off chance that you don't right now have it. We comprehend individuals can be in circumstances, so in the event that you don't have a telephone or PDA, then join with Skype, or some other you like, so you can get a telephone number and a voice message account. Notwithstanding, if mobile phone is your just decision, then guarantee that you don't have a 'stone n move' ring tone on it, and keep it expert and straightforward. Making the best and expert picture will go entirely far to get you affirmed. Here's a trap to utilize when you don't have a site to submit in your application: Tell them you're an email advertiser who has entry to email arrangements of focused prospects that you can publicize to. It's OK to say this, as you can simply combine up with a man who as of now has a focused on rundown.
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  2. AffBank
  3. threenerds2014

    threenerds2014 Affiliate affiliate

    This is not the right guide to get approved from a CPA network. First of all you have to mature in IM world then you go to the big networks. There are some other network like CPA lead/ CPA grip which don't need any activation. So be honest first then come in IM. If you starting with fraudulent you'll never prosper in IM.
  4. Smithee

    Smithee Affiliate affiliate

    And another thing that would probably get your approved by CPA networks is the information you provide when you are making your application.

    How will you market the CPA offers? If you can convince them that you have a good track record selling anything online then that would increase your chances of being accepted. They'll have to verify the information you provide so be honest so you can avoid wasting your time.