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Free Easy Mini Site Builder for Newbies

Linda Buquet

N00BS and Quickie Niche Builders - Build a website with ease - no programming or special knowledge is necessary. 19pages is a brand new FREE software program for developing mini sites fast! Mark from 45n5 developed the software which is in true beta. There are only about 5 templates but with a little knowledge you can customize them or use others. Looks pretty fast and easy.
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You can get the software at <a href="">19pages!</a>
You can also read Mark's blog introducing the free software <a target="_new" href="">19pages Beta - Rapid Minisite Development</a>.

Happy mini site building!


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I forgot to add. If anybody has questions about 19pages don't hesitate to email

mark at 45n5 dot com


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Please Upgrade Your 19pages

3-2-07 - <b>19pages Security Flaw Found and Fixed</b>

A very generous person audited the <a href="">19pages</a> code and found a serious security flaw which allowed people to upload files to your server without authentication.

The problem has been fixed and all future downloads will ship with the patched version.

If you are running an old version of 19pages and want to patch your copy also (HIGHLY recommended), the fix is simple:

Download one file:

<a href="">download this file: upload.php</a>

Unzip the file and place it in the folder /media/upload.php

This should replace the old, unsecure file.

If you don't have a site running, please just download the program again. We always keep the most current and secure version for download on our main page.

If you have an questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to email mark at 45n5 dot com.

Thanks for your patience and understanding



I actually found this through another series of connections. I saw something about Shawn Collins Blog on IM News Watch. I was investigating Shawn's blog and a video he made, Shawn mentioned and I was curious so I went there and watched this video. Good stuff.

Mark's presentation is simple, easy to understand and informal. Sometimes maybe we try to make things too complicated for our own good. A bizarre thing I noticed is when I went to is that it has a Google PR of 2. For a mini-site with no meta tags or any attempts at SEO I thought this was ironic.

Good resource :cool:


What a great resource! Thanks to Mark for building and letting us have it for free, and thanks to Linda for sharing it.

It's amazing how many wonderful people are out there sharing their talents for free to help others. I swear, 90% of my software is stuff I found free online, and it's working just as well or better than the paid stuff that came with the computer.